widest rim with baking surface?

What’s the widest 26" rim out there that still has a braking surface? I think my rim is too skinny for my 2.5 tire, it rolls off (always stays inftlated though, and flips back on)

This happens when i try a 90 degree turn (in the air) to pedal off in the new direction as soon as I land. the rim IS the problem, isn’t it?

What tire are you currently using with what rim and what pressure?

it’s a Vee Rubber Ninja (a clone of a Maxis Mobster 2.4 or 5)

it’s definelty a thin rim, i cannot fit a DH tube in it (where the big rubber circle is around the valve.

I run the psi at around 25-30, perfect for all applications except those pivot turns, and also sidehopping up an embankment.

if your looking for really wide, the widest i know of is the Avro Zum eliminator. After that is the Sun Doublewide, then the Alex DX32. I never had much trouble with the tire rolling with a DX32 and an IRC kujo tire, which has very flimsy sidewalls. The alex is also $30-$40 cheaper than either the Sun or the Avro.

widest rim with baking surface?

“widest rim with baking surface?”

What exactly will you be baking?

I used to get pinch flats from side hopping until I switched from a Mavic 517


to a Mavic 321 rim.


The Mavic 321 rim hasn’t got a braking surface but is the possibly strongest 26" rim available.

I use a Tioga DH 2.3 tyre and a natural rubber inner tube and no longer have pinch flats (cross fingers).

I don’t miss the brake too much.

Leo White

the 521 would be the braking surface equivelant to the 321. I have 519’s and love them, maybe I’ll check those out. (519’s on my bike)

I have yet to get a pinch flat from them. The problem is that it rolls off the rim (well I guess not completely off) momentarily, then pops back on as I pedal away, or hop. Creepy feeling over something technical

321s are much wider than 521s.

(36mm instead of 28mm, F519s are 24.6)

Leo White

The Avro Zum Eliminator and Alex DX32 are two of the widest rims I’ve seen that have a braking surface.

I don’t know the inside width of the Avro. The DX32 has an inside width of 32mm. The Sun Doublewide has an inside width of 33mm even though the outside width is more than 45mm.

I’m using the Avro on my KH and like it. But the Avro is so wide that I don’t know if you could use anything less than a 3" tire on it.