wich bc

i want my mom and dad to get me a bc for cristmas ind i saw 2 on udc and was wondering wich was beterhttp://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=959


none of them;)

the plates on the first on are way to high, and the plates on the second one bend.

I say go bedford.

I just got my lowrider plates a few days ago, and they are sick.

ps. shipping really isn’t very much.

I would just go for the nimbus. The plates look pretty nice and low and if you bend them so can save up and get some nice bedfords. i’ve also looked at those and I also want a bc for christmas

I would suggest looking into just buying a wheel from Dan’s Comp.

This will be a great wheel.

I’m sure you can pick out a tire on your own, that’s totally personal preference. I would suggest a Twenty-G from 3G Bikes.

And order the Bedford Lowriders, or buy some plates from Evan Byrne.

where can i get a tube for a twenty g tire?

Any place that sells tubes. I used a normal 20" tube in mine.

i was just wondering cause the tire is 3.45in. wide.

Its not though. If you flatten the tire competely and measure from one side of the tread to the other side then maybe it its. It is about as wide as a trials tire but a little taller. If the tire was really 3.45 in wide it would suck a lot.

Go Bedford, the plates fit your feet much better. Plus for like only 30 bucks or something along those lines you can get your rim powercoated any color.

I hope they get well soon!

Rock on!

Yeah our thoughts are with them :roll_eyes:

thw 20G tire is a bit skinnier than a trials tire(mostly because of the roundness) and is alot higher(because of the 20" rim)

so far I have been loving it. Works great.

normal 20" bmx tubes work fine with it.