Why would I regret getting an 07 instead of an 09 KH29??

I’ve got the opportunity to get a VERY lightly used 07 KH29 + Magura brake + std & Big Apple tyres - saving over £200 (£1=$1) on the price of a new one. It really is in ‘as new’ condition.

I’ve read all the specs but am struggling to really understand the differences (apart from the black seat and not having the 2 hole cranks) and what affect they have.

Can anybody explain???

unless you are extremely hard on your gear, i’d recommend going for the '07 and just upgrading parts only if something breaks. It’s still a great uni unless you’re insanely hard on gear. The upgrades are great, but i’d say save your money.

Anybody know how soon the '09’s will be available in the US?

Ok thanks.:slight_smile:

Nothing that’s worth 200 pounds; get the 2007.

Get the 2007 at that Price!

I have the KH29 2005 model and I love it. I have the KH24 2007 model and allthough it has great impovements it is not revolutionary in differences. The differences betwwen the 2007 and 2009 will be even less noticeable than the 2005 and 2007 differences. For a 200 pounds savings definetely get the 2007!


I would say it depeds on what you’re riding are you comuting or doing some harcore muni? Of course you could allways just stick the new 47 mm rim ( which is 9 mm wider?) on their if you were doing some hardcore muni. Thats the only thing I really see that you would want if you were doing some hardcore Muni.

Its already bee said in this thread that it will be available in two to three weeks. Just check UDC evry day.:smiley:

the money you save might weight your trousers down

nope not at all… as far as muni goes… unless you ride reallly REALLY hard i think you wont even notice a differance… I just ordered an 09’ hub… but that is to upgrade my trials since i have had the same hub for 5 years