Why ride a 26"?

I have now been riding muni for about one year, having progressed from wobbling across the elementary school lawn to barreling down steep single track, it has been a long flat progression. I never thought that I’d get to where I am, btu I am so pleased that I put in the time to become a muni rider.

So, having progressed through the stages of 20", 24", 26", 29", I am now back to the 26" muni. What happened for me was both a progression in my skills as well as a realization that in some ways a bigger wheel is better, esp for muni. Though my Nimbus 24" was my workhorse these past six months, after yesterday’s ride on my new Nimbus 26", I can see that the workhorse is gonna be put out to pasture :smiley:

It may be just me, but for technical terrain mixed with mellower single track and some double track, a 24" x 3" muni is just too small and too heavy, so I built a true XC 26" with the following parts:

Nimbus 26" Muni, Black
KH Titanium hub, Silver
Koxx TRYALL 26" x 47mm drilled rim, Gold
14 ga spokes, Black
Alloy nipples, Red
Koxx TRYALL STIKY 26" x 2.5" tyre
26" DH tube
Koxx K1 160mm ISIS cranks, Black/Silver
Twisted PC nylon pedals, Charcoal
KH Adjustable seat post, Black/Silver
Animal single bolt clamp, Red
KH Freeride seat (08’), Orange/Black

The longer cranks, though only 10mm longer than my normal cranks, really help with climbs and downhill control, so I don’t really need a brake. The tire is narrower than my Intense 3", but at 2.5" and beinga sticky tread, it is just enough for cushioning, yet still fast and nimble like a good XC tire.

Between the Ti hub, lighter tire, and light wheel build, it is abou the same weight as a KH 29, and that’s with a steel frame! So far I have noticed little difference is what I can ride vs the 24", though the 26" is far easier to throw around due to lower weight. Compared to a 29", I get a similar feeling of “flow”, but more control and a better ride.

I know why Kris decided to build a 26" muni frame, it’s the perfect XC ride :stuck_out_tongue:

I love my GB4 26er. UDC hub, Alex downhill rim, 150mm cranks, Magura brake, and my favorite 26" tire, the Panaracer Megablaster 2.5.


26" munis are a blast,

KH29 frame
KH ti (original) hub
26" Doublewide rim
26" X 3.0" Gazz
Wellgo MG1
KH Alloy post
KH 165/137 cranks

I may go for a 2.6ish tire in the near future but for now i will stick with the 3.0

One thing I don’t understand is the low clearance on muni frames, sure more people can ride the unicycle itself, but you can’t ride the uni in as many conditions. if you have no clearance there will be rock pings all over the place and you will get clogged up in even the smallest amount of mud. the 26" in a 29er frame is definitely a win IMO.

26" x 3" munianarchist

26" surly frame black
KH titanium hub
150 / 125 cranks (with 4 more holes)
Wellgo titan magnesium pedals grey
surly large marge rim 65mm
inox spokes
gazzaloddi 3" x 26"
Margura HS33
KH Fusion Freeride
single bolt

thats my absolutly favorite setup

also fantastic is my

spirit of aron
Koxx-one Track Monster 26" x 3" (the absolutly best serial muni)
Try all 26" x 47mm rim red
koxx hub
165mm koxx cranks
wellgo magnesium pedals yellow
4" x 26" endomorph tire / or 3" x 26 Gazza
HS33 Magura
Koxx muni saddle

both are undestroyable, really hard workung HD munis,
and slightly over 6Kg weight.
I´m 193cm and 90Kg and the 26" fit´s perfect for me.
they are as fast as 29" but much better for technical downhill, perfect for rolling over obstacles and big drops, the pedals have more “ground clearance” than the 24" witch is also often very helpfull in rough terrain.

there is no reason not to ride a 26" x 3" muni!


^^^Agreed with all.

Post up those Muni pics you just took Ben!
Total kid stoke!!

To each their own but I’m sticking with my KH24 for my All Mountain riding. Why?

  1. I already have it and have done plenty of LONG All Mountain, XC and DH rides with it and it just works for me. Perhaps I’ll be a bit slower over a shorter distance than somebody on a 26" but I’d be willing to bet over enough hours of riding I’d end up ahead :wink:

  2. I really don’t have the $$$ to try experimenting with a whole new unicycle build, heck I’m still trying to scrape up enough money to FINALLY build a new 24" wheel for my KH/Schlumpf hub I received two months ago!

  3. I really enjoy doing trials and I’ll often be scaning the sides of the trail I’m riding on a long ride and partake should the mood strike. And I’m sorry, but trials on a 26", for me, is not much fun (I used to have a cheap 26er).

  4. Flying/Traveling. I’ve found that my KH24 packs quite well in this large, Pelican hardshell suitcase quite well with only removing the pedals and frame and letting the air out of the tire. Easy. My old 26er I had to do all that AND remove the tire from the rim and remove the cranks!! Ughh! And even then I had to carefully and intricately position the larger rim in the case just to get it to close!

  5. I’m a runner first and foremost so perhaps I’m more used to spinning more; really doesn’t bother me all that much and the KH24 with 150mm cranks is perfect, for me on climbing and decending and everything in between. Oh, and if you do ride more than a few hours on hilly terrain, you’re going to want a brake as you’re legs are going to be blown after some point and having the brake really helps out when you’re tired. Also a brake really helps on technical & steep downhills since you don’t have to concentrate on crank speed and line choice at the same time…

  6. After this past weekend’s 12 hour at Dirt, Sweat and Gears experience, I think carrying a 24" around would be much easier than carrying anything larger. Yes the unicycle weights might initially be the same, but I bit you could fit a lot more mud on a 26" or 29" than you could a 24"!!!

Again to each their own, but I’m happy with what I have. If it looks like getting tires or replacement 24" rims is going to be a real issue in the future I have no problem upgrading to a 26er. Now is not the time for me.