Why is the 19" KH lighter than the Nimbus?

I was just checking weights on unicycle.co.uk and after looking weights for most of the heavy parts I found that the 19" nimbus ISIS trials should be slightly lighter than the KH street uni.

KH frame is 200-300 grams lighter but Nimbus cranks are 200-300 grams lighter.

Nimbus hub is slightly lighter, nimbus rim is slightly lighter, so why is the Nimbus 5.7Kg and the KH 5.5? I know 200 grams isn’t much but I’m just really interested to know what’s so heavy on the nimbus apart from the frame?



Cromo post vs alu seatpost and frame
I doubt that the Nimbus rim is lighter than the drilled KH.

The weight on UDC is most likely with the KH moments as people always upgrade.

the nimbus rim is 5 mm more narrow… I’d think that would make them more or less the same weight…

Hmm, I couldn’t get weights for the seats but they are basically the same aren’t they? KH seatpost is like 50 grams lighter, so maybe it is the seat? I have a KH seat on my nimbus anyway.

Maybe some day I’ll upgrade my frame and seat post to KH, but it’s only a 300-400 gram weight loss.

I need to accurately weigh my uni some time, I just don’t have scales.


This just goes to show how irrelevant that amount of weight is in a street/trials unicycle when we can’t even figure out where it comes from.

i just bought a nimbus with moments and i noticed that theres not much difference between it and the kh. I assume because the seat post is thinner, along with the frame.

the kh is lighter, but i wouldnt say by much.

All i know is my uni is exactly 10 lbs.

the kH has an aluminum frame?

I call BS.

Nope, Snafu are heavier than DX or whatever.

Yeah it’s a small amount of weight, but I’m still interested to know. Chad, don’t just read the title. And unidude, yours would be 5.5kg at least.

its true.
ill put a pic of the uni on the scale in the morning.
first zeros out adnt hen the uni on it.
even a video so you know theres no tricks.

Sorry, but your scales must be broken -.-

I do need to weigh mine though, I think I have the same set up at you, just not a CF base. I don’t have any scales accurate enough at home though, I think the wheel with no pedals would weigh less than 3KG so I’ll weigh the parts on the kitchen scales :stuck_out_tongue:

O BTW, try standing on the scales, then hold the uni and take the difference. That’s more accurate for scales designed for heavier stuff.

When your next doing maintanence, or like changing the tyre or something and you have your uni in parts weigh them on a set of kitchen scales then add it all together.

Probably from the hollow metal tubes in the KH frame >.>


The 42mm rim on the Nimbus will save some weight. Hell I took of 250g just by switching to Xpedo Mangnizium pedals. What tires does the Nimbus have? Tires make up a big percentage of the Uni weight. the guage of the spokes can also make a difference.

I would say that the biggest components by weight are:

  1. Rim
  2. Tire Including tube.
  3. Saddle
  4. Hub
  5. Frame/Pedals/Cranks
  6. Post/all spokes.
  7. Seatpost Clamp.

Of course what brands and guages you use can change the order here somewhat.


KH:500g, Nimbus: 475g

KH&Nimbus: 1020+165=1185g

KH: ?, Nimbus: 890g

KH: 644g, Nimbus: 635g

KH: 536+710+612=1858g (137mm), Nimbus: 770+570+320=1660g (125mm)

KH: 250g, Nimbus: 300g

KH: 68g, Nimbus: 64g

Weights from UDC website
For the KH, the tire is the heaviest component followed saddle (guess), pedal, hub, crank, frame for the Nimbus the order is; tire, saddle, frame, hub, pedal.

Like Unicorn said, you can easily save some weight on the KH trials by swapping to lighter pedals.


but the numbus trials is only .1kg more than the kh… I’d say it’s nimbus frame which is heavy and the kris holm cranks + pedals that are heavy.