Why do unicycles exist?

Unicycles exist, because bikes dont fit in most cars. That was the main reason I wanted to learn UW, coz it takes even less space in the car, but it is too hard and tiring to ride.

So when the inventor and his friend got married, they decided to join the wheels and thereby created the bike

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To be honest I went for a Brompton because my 27.5er muni is uncomfortably large in the train (and comparably slow at the destination of the train).

For me unicycles exist because they are fun and require less maintenance after a muddy ride in the woods. After they invented the chain they found out it wears pretty quickly when operated in sand and water…

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You need to start getting your news from more reliable sources. I wouldn’t trust this place!

Whether that is true or not, when I was trying to learn, the ground was VERY real!

I guess that sums it up for unicycles.

For atomic bombs, however, they wanted “terrible” bad enough to spare no expense and involve thousands of people in making it before anyone else could. Then, of course, they “had to” use it…

I’m trying to think of responses with John Oliver in mind:

  • They exist to show you that the impossible is not always what you think it is
  • They exist to remind us that we can do the impossible
  • They exist because sometimes, stability is overrated
  • They continue to exist because, once you go through the struggles of learning, they are too much fun to walk away from!
  • They’ve been pointless for all this time, until they became a perfect metaphor for the year 2022! :slight_smile:

Well, Scientific American reckons there is a 50:50 chance we are living in a simulation. So the deeper question should maybe be: “does our perception of a unicycle’s existence in this reality help to prove this is actually a simulation?” – ie. did unicycles come in to existence due to a bug in the simulation software? – as only a bug could create something so impractical and hence this must be a simulation… :grinning:

We probably aren’t living in a “simulation” as we would define it in this universe, simply because the concept of a “simulation may only exist inside our “simulation”.


Tiger got to hunt,
Bird got to fly,
Human got to ask “WHY, WHY, WHY?”.

The answer is simple: unicycling can ONLY exist as a tiny minority.

Because the ONLY use of a unicycle is to be able to ride “legally” along one of those “prohibited” paths where the authorities have put up a sign with a picture of a crossed-out car, a crossed-out horse and a crossed-out bike.

If too many humans take up unicycling, the authorities will add a picture of a crossed-out unicycle to those signs and our only advantage will evaporate.

So fellow riders, we need an “anti-religion” to STOP our activity becoming too popular. Spread the word that Odysseus killed Cyclops because he had only one wheel, and King Tutankhamun died in a chariot crash because the chariot only had one wheel, and that “unicycle” really means “You, knee! (sigh) KILL!”. And moreover, NONE of the prophets of a current major religion advocates unicycling (BUT, the other day I saw a burning bush with the devil herself/himself/itself in the flames laughing while performing tricks on a one wheeled chariot!).

Because there needed to be something to match the UNIqueness and awesomeness of the few who are just too cool for 2 wheels.