why did all the nimbus trials stuff jump 100 bucks in price on udc?

We’re currently out of stock of the Torker DX until the end of the month. The reason for the price change on a select few Nimbus models is due to our manufacturers upping of costs.

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As long as your here, I’d also like to ask you why (if you happen to know) “municycle.com” has the 2007 KH alum cranks for $64 USD, which is about HALF what you charge for the same pair? Even with shipping from Germany, there is still a substantial cost savings. Just curious. And yes, they confirmed that the price is for the pair, not each.

I think it’s because now the wheels are built buy the Jon Kovachi dude. bedofre I think it was a different wheelbuild, but Jeeze, +$100 for a slightly better wheelbuild :thinking:

hehe I think Jerrick was just posting a reply he got from UDC genius. He is not Unicycle.com.

Shut it boo radley,thats terry your talking to:p He knows that Jerrick isnt from UDC, hes just wondering if Jerrick knew.

Then why did he say “HALF what you charge” to Jerrick. So he is talking to him like he is udc…

Miles, when you buy a pair of cranks there is no wheelbuild involved.

Haha, nice, i got my nimbus trials at 180 USD or something…

ah, that makes sense :roll_eyes:

You got me Spencer. Sorry boo bradly:o

Hehe, Terry is talking through me to Municycle and UDC, sow hat he says to me, will be sent right to them, then replied back. =p

Time to send a few more e-mails.

Ok, heres what both Municycle and US UDC had to say.

From Municycle.

Hi Jerrick, I cant say nothing about the UDC US prices.I get most of the KH products from the European distributor Qu-ax. The price of the cranks in my shop is the European list price. Why there is a difference -> I dont know … Cheers from German Roland

Response from American UDC.

We pay more in duty and taxes then they do and have to incorporate this into our pricing.

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then the obvious question would be do US customers have to pay duties and taxes when they buy stuff from municycle.com?

They WERE $180. I was looking into getting one for my son for Christmas… not any more.

The good news… the gap between the Nimbus and the KH just got smaller :smiley:

I didn’t realize that it was that much more to import to the US compared to Europe. What’s the cause? Do we have tariffs or extra import fees? Is the shipping to our ports that much more expensive? Were the things air shipped instead of sent by ship?

Seems odd that we would make things like unicycles that much more expensive to import.

Some countries are very protective.
They would rather certain products be made domestically than imported, so governments increase taxes on certain items, and exempt others in order to encourage the import of those instead.

well until there are isis uni cranks being made in the us for a reasonable price they dont have the right to make them cost so much.

actually they do. It’s their property, they have the right to charge whatever they want. fair or not, that’s how it works. There is a gap between the fair-price, and the what-people-will-pay-price, udc seems to aim for the latter.

my advice; buy from a retailer that offers you a fair price (ie: bedford, municycle etc.). It’s that simple.

How much are Bedford charging for the KH Isis cranks? I can’t see them on their website.


admittedly I don’t expect Canadian customs charges to be the same as ours