why did all the nimbus trials stuff jump 100 bucks in price on udc?

title says it all


i didnt say that

Jeez $273 for a cotterless trials?!?!?!

Yeah and it looks like the Qu-ax went up $25 and no more Torker DX. It would definitly be worth the extra $50 for the Qu-ax.



over here a nimbus trials has ALWAYS been $325

maybe those damn chinese are starting to demand fair wages for building all our unicycles.

That would be great but I doubt if the extra $100 is going to the workers

What were they before?? They didn’t used to be $173 I don’t think…

Whos gonna pay nearly 300 for a cotterless trials…what were they thinking?

For 300 you can get the DX, almost the Qu-AX or a Hoppley. =p

Let’s hope they didn’t increase the hoppley by 100 as well…

why did they take the DX off?

Has anyone checked if the Nimbus price range was only changed on USA UDC, or did this change happen to all the other nimbus unis from other countries?

Im gonna e-mail them about that now.

im pretty sure theyre just stocking the new DXs.

You can browse the Internet Archive to see old prices and old equipment. Start browsing here, pick a date and go.

Old style Nimbus trials from Feb 9, 2005 $169

The new one has different cranks (alloy), different frame and a different wheel build. The big difference would seem to be the Kovachi wheel build on the new Nimbus. The Kovachi wheel builds add a lot to the price.


Imagine that. Capitalists in America.

Not exactly. Looks more like a poor choice to put a Kovachi wheel build on what is supposed to be a more bargain priced unicycle.

Yeah I was just looking at them a couple of weeks ago and they had the new frame (rounded crown) and they were still at the old price. I didn’t notice they were using a Kovachi wheel now. It does seem like a poor choice since the weak link is the crank arms not the wheel. It seems to me all of the shorter square taper cranks are for little kids bikes and so they bend realy easy. If you could get Kooka quality cranks in 127-140 size it would work for most people but then the cost would be just as much or more than going with a Torker or Qu-ax.