Why are trials seats set up like this?

I’m wondering why the seats of most trials unicycles is more tilted up at the front than my lx air seat?

its much more comfortable … to sit on that way, and is also easier to grab onto for sif stuff

oh ok. And does anyone know if the torker dx seat is more comfy to hold onto than the lx seat.

less comfy because it’s so fat, and more comfy, because it doesn’t have the semi sharp edges around the base that the LX does.

Get some vinyl tubing and tape it to the lip of your lx seat under the cover and it is very nice for sif. Tilting it up makes it way better. I accidentally drastically tilted mine due to a bent seat post, I don’t mind though.

Can I tilt my seat back more w/out getting anything new? Like hitting it or anything? Or bending it? And How?

You can bend the brackets that bolt onto the seat. Bend one down and one up then the seat should sit on it at an angle. I have done mine by wedging it in a fence and hitting it with a hammer. I don’t know if it does any damage so don’t blame me if it snaps or something :sunglasses: My whole post was bent already so I needed to bend the brackets to get a less drastic tilt.

Yeah, That will weaken your post so so much! And if you already have a tentency to snap seatposts then your asking for trouble. However if you dont weigh much or dont put too much strain on ur uni then by all means give it a try.

while I haven’t done this myself, I have heard of people using washers underneath the seat bolts to raise/lower seat tilt. Definitely lighter and cheaper than using a rails bracket/seat/post, without going to a scott wallis base.

I don’t have my seat tilted at all… if you’re riding SIF, your butt isn’t on the seat, so the tilt of the seat isn’t very crucial… as long as you can hold onto the seat.

Keep in mind that one’s grip on the seat is affected by several factors, including the direction in which they pull on the seat, and the timing with which they pull on the seat. If you’re pushing down on the pedals whilst pulling up on the seat you’re much more likely to lose grip than if you pull up on the seat right after you start tucking your legs.

I know you said you didnt want to get any thing new but if you get a GB4 from udc it will tilt the seat for you and it only costs $22 USD so its not very expencive and it is really strong. If you bend a seat post it will probably brake sooner or later.