why are there no crank stops on Schlumpf hub?

Does the lack of crank stops allow for more button travel, and is it possible to damage the hub if crank stops are used (I noticed the stop would butt a c-clip).

disregard thread…

found a shlumpf forum thread

this post went unnoticed in the general forum. does anyone have any idea regarding the initial question?

It would interfere with the double bearing on the torque-arm side.

Thanx dude. It’s hard to know without having one.

I had asked florian about this a long time ago. He said it wasn’t needed, due to the spec, and it would interfere with his design.

I’d say, don’t use them. Why do you want to use them?


I’ve gotta spec 3, 1mm chain ring spacers on the Sinz crank. Because, as the crank creeps closer to the frame then a spacer can be swapped outward to keep the MountainUni disk aligned with the caliper. I’ll also recommend that a torque wrench be used for crank installation, and that taking the cranks on and off constantly is a bad idea. Same for square taper. but those with crank stops won’t have to worry about chain ring spacers.

if the torque arm side is on the left, maybe I can still use a crank stop on the right side.