Whos the best all style all round rider?

So bored at college so whats your opinions i didnt make it a poll because it would have mean’t narrowing it down to only the big riders.

I thinks its interesting how alot of people knock freestyle and yet 4 best street riders are awesome at freestyle
Shaun J, Xav and Dan and Kevin M can apparently do a backwards pirroutte.

Ryan Atkins, best trialer around, damn good at MUni, good distance rider, lately got into street (if you’ve seen his last video). Havn’t heard him doing freestyle yet, but I’d say even without that he’s a very good allrounder.

Summing it up:

Ryan Atkins
Racing (yes, this is different from distance unicycling)

Ryan can do some pretty cool freestyle stuff, I wouldn’t say he is an amazing freestyle rider but he is probably still the best in the Ottawa area, although that isn’t really saying alot :D.

I don`t think hoping high is enough to make a good trials rider

but its a good skill to have if you whana be a trial rider

lol. Trials huh? It was actually my first interest back when filming hazard. I didn’t do anything too amazing, but I look back at it now and impress myself. Keaton, btw, was also the one riding street back then too. Interesting I find it. We completely switched right after the filming for hazard was finished (summer of '04). I hate to say it but I think Xav is one of the best all arounders. haha. Flatland (that’s the given) good at street, trials looks to be his first skill way back when, and alittle bit of freestyle in him. I think that’s who my vote would go to.

-Shaun Johanneson

Id be inclined to belive that Kris would be a good all rounder.

Though he doesn’t have the biggest name and his street tricks are a little lacking, I’d say David Weichenberger. Who’s David Weichenberger?



David Weichenberger

he is really good

i say the same as shaun, Xav` is the best allround rider,
great at street/flatland
good at freestyle (i saw some old vids of him from french freestyle comp… i think ho won something too :roll_eyes: ?)
good at trials, he won the trial comp at fluck 05.

altso, i like his rinding style best too:)

Rolling hops aren’t everything in trials… But, I dunno, he probablly can do good trials.

But I have seen Xavier do a lot of trials. So, I’ll have to pick him.

Thats the funniest thing I’ve read in a while, thanks Lucas.

Best all round rider is Tony Melton


I think it’s pretty hard to compete witH KH unless you give extra weight to street. I don’t think there’s a MUni rider anywhere close to him, and he’s also clearly in the top three in trials (and it could be argued that he’s #1 there as well).

I’m going to go with Kris on this one. There are few people more fun to ride with. There are few people more encouraging to ride with. I have ridden Cokers, trials, and MUni with him. He is truly an ambassador of unicycling and has nothing but positive things to say to all of those riding with him. As for freestyle, I have seen him do level ten skills on a MUni on asphalt and then turn around and get everyone to rave about Irene’s high level freestyle riding skills while egging her on to perform. It’s not only about the rider necessarily but the entire riding experience.

go xav
plus hes french

Tony is definitely up there as one of the best all round riders I know.

Excellent technical Muni rider (I rank him as one of the world’s best)
Very fast long distance rider (only know of a few people in the world faster)
Excellent trials rider
Level 7 freestyle (plus a whole bunch of innovative harder skills)
Growing street skill set

Kris probably takes it out though for all the reasons put forward by Harper.

I didn’t give my opinion, i think its probably, David Weichenberger or Xav with Shaun slightly behind