Who's in the mood for a ride in Iowa? GB4? Mojoe?

September 4th and 5th, Starting at 12 PM the 4th, ending at 12 PM the 5th, Iowa’s 2nd Annual 24 Hour Mountain Bike Competition. You can do it solo or team, 1st place in both gets 500 bucks. I don’t think a uni team would win necessarily but it would be a good time. I’ve got details if anyone is interested. I thought it would be a good time. If we register before August it’s $50. Split 5 ways this wouldn’t be too bad. Let me know if you’re interested! Out of staters welcome!

What’s the venue? Any links to a website?

I’ll be at University of Iwoa from the 31st through the 5th. Is anything going on then?

Count me in! Where’s it at?

I’d think we can get an Iowa State team together. Honorary ISU members are certainly welcome. Up for another 24 hour ride, Nathan?

Here’s the website:

Seven Oaks is located in Boone, IA - a scant 10 miles from Iowa State’s campus.

The terrain is very hilly - a 29er would be the weapon of choice.

Looks interesting. I guess fly in to Des Moines? Cheapest airfare I see is over $300 from San Jose though. I guess cost is no object when you’re talking about 24 hour racing though.

I’d be curious to know as much as possible about the course and the area, weather etc. Are you sure it’s not Cokerable? There is very little info on the website…

Definitely interested but not committing just yet,

Yeah! The one uni I have! Kickass!

BTW, you’ll need a full light set.