Who's going to Ludlow

The Ludlow Spring Festival is next weekend and one of the listed attractions is a ‘downhill unicycle team’. Any idea who that will be? I might be up there that weekend.


i dont know anything about it. have you got a link?
sounds like fun!

Here is the festival:


The unicycle reference came froma a friend who lives there.

I’ve seen the national MTB downhilling there and it is a really nice course but I’ve not ridden it. Having watched the expert class I can’t see how the two wheelers can call us crazy :astonished:

This is a bit of an ‘over-enthusiastic’ representation of the Redbull riders :slight_smile:
Tony who’s organising this festival asked me if I’d come last year when he fisrt began to set this up, and do a bit of riding around as a bit of a publicity type stunt. You can see from the listing of ‘exhibitors’ it’s going to be an interesting mix…

anyway, I bumped into Tony a couple of weeks ago, and asked him for a bit of sponsorship in the form of kit / supplies for the redbull in June, which he’s happy to offer. So, in return I agreed to show up and present our sport ( to the best of my dodgy riding ability)
I’ve got a car full of uni’s off Roger, and a few other bits and bobs to have on display / sale and agreed to go along on the basis of presenting Muni / Trials / touring as the valid (emergent) sports that they are, ie no clowns / juggling or circus music.

As this all happened in a bit of a rush, I didn’t get round to posting here before I went on holiday last week, poor planning by me! 3 or 4 others have already said they may come, Obviously all are welcome. I was expecting it to be a really quiet event, having not seen any ads for it.
Yesterday someone at work showed me a full page spread in a couple of the local papers, and even a few column inches, under the header " Downhill by unicycle"
I’d have preferred the term “mountain unicyclists” of course (perhaps even “aspirant mountian unicycles”) , as it’s much more accurate, but at least it seems to be presented at face value? i’ll scan it in a bit…

So, the rather misleading, but attention grabbing ‘team of downhill unicyclists’ actually refers to me, my lad and a few possibles sort of representing both one of the teams entering the redbull, and outdoor unicycling in general. Anyone else who can turn up and do a bit of PR / general showing of is more than welcome. Give me a ring on 07980921727 so that gate people know to let you in free!. Apologies for the lack of notice, but it’s all been a bit last minute, and I’ve been away all last week.

and yes the local muni riding round here is pretty damn good, with 2 or 3 designated mountain biking areas within 20 miles, with around 60 miles of trails that I know of, and much more I’ve not found…

scanned and uploaded clipping from paper. Only of note due to lack of derision!


Isn’t it tricky to get a clean scan of newsprint, without creating a 100mb file, or am I just inept?