"Whoop-dee-doo!" (Kenter Coaster)

Me & John (Vivalargo) decided to try out the famous “Kenter Coaster Whoop-dee-doos” earlier today. Wow! These man-made ramps are like hitting a frickin wall they seem almost sheer vertical when you hit 'em! We want to go back with our 36ers in “MUni-mode” and blast those whoops asap! But no matter how fast you attack them, you lose momentum as soon as you hit the ramps they’re so freaking steep!

Here’s a basic description from one of the many websites featuring this trail:

     [B]<<Trail Description:[/B]

This is a jumper’s paradise. There are about 1 mile of downhill hill whoop de doos that will keep ya happy. This trail should only be attempted if you are confident in your bike handling skills, as you do pick up speed. You can jump the whoops or just ride them as a rollercoaster up and down ride, it all depends your skills.

BE AWARE OF THE BIG GULLY JUMP. It’s about 5 feet wide and 5 feet deep. So if you don’t clear it, you’ll eat it big time in the gully and hurt yourself pretty bad.

The trail is full of loose shale, so where knee and elbow protection if you are not a confident bike handler.>>

Anyway, it’s something different so I thought I’d post it for y’all! :sunglasses:

I used the Linkin Park song, “Givin up” and just realized that the “F” word is used a couple times, so just a heads up to the younger viewers. I liked the energy of the song but they scream a lot, so it’s easily missed if you’re not paying attention. :o

its still not bad, it looked like a fun place. it looks so hard to get up those ramps they look steep as hell!

haha yeah, waaaay steeper than the camera can show. So fun though it’s literally like riding a roller coaster on one wheel!:smiley: Everybody should try it at least once!

Sorry terry, but I didn’t like it half as much as your other vids.
Bad music, shaky filming, repetitive.

I guess I’m spoiled!

I agree. The shaky filming made it hard to watch. It would have been a better idea to use panning and zooming, all that running didn’t really give the effect that I was there with you.

i wana come to muni heaven!!! it’s all wet here and i cna’t ride in the mud

If you like stuff like that you should try riding out at a motocross track. I take mine out to the tracks occasoinally and its always fun. The jumps out at tracks are a little bigger than that though;)

Haha yeah I know it wasn’t the best, and not a UniGeezer video as is obvious from the title. I just thought it would be fun to post since it was different from the usual. The running behind was the only way to tracj the action, vs just standing still.

That said, you were just having fun and I wasn’t expecting it to be a nicely filmed and edited vid.

looks like fun. like a great big roller coaster.