Who reads Uni magazine?

New to the uni world and enjoying looking at all the information out there.
Whilst looking I ran across Uni magazine.

Bought other magazine’s in the past to find they were 99% advertisement, disappointing!

What do those of you who read it think of it? Worth the money?

Uni Magazine died in 2010.
Here’s the message that confirmed it.

Oh thats a shame. When I saw back issues for sale I thought it must have still been running, didn’t realise the back issues were that old.

I presume the is not much else in the yay of uni magazines out there. Perhaps a little too niche.

Hey Mark…the mags might be old but they’re still worth reading. The tips and buzz are still pertinent…and at only 50p/copy at UDC, good value.

Oh wow… if that deal was in the U.S. and I was ordering enough stuff for free shipping, I’d certainly buy them all.

Well in that case, when I make my order, I may well add a few of those on there too. I’m sure they’ll be a good read and just what I want when trying to widen my currently very limited uni knowledge.
I’ll look forward to reading them.

I subscribed to Uni mag and I think probably got every issue.

Now they’re going at 50p each for back issues that’s a good bargain- £5 gets you the whole lot (issue #1 seems to be unavailable?)

Certainly they weren’t laden with rubbish adverts like some mags are- it was quite a quality production with selections of articles covering all aspects and styles of unicycling, equipment reviews and write ups of various unicycling events, including the record breaking ‘one end of the UK to the other’ distance run and also unicycling the ‘3 peaks’ etc, etc.

Good photos too.

It was an excellent magazine - possibly too good for its own good though. Mike (who published it) ended up putting a lot of his own money (as well as time) into the project, but it turned out it just couldn’t be sustained in the limited market. A real shame. Well worth buying the back issues if you haven’t seen it before, certainly at 50p each - I’d say they were well worth the original £5 a copy.

If you read those old threads you’ll see that some people got pretty angry when the company folded and left subscribers (including me) without magazines that had been pre-paid for, but I think Mike should be applauded for having the balls to give it a go in the first place.


It was a great magazine and I miss it dearly, so I have an idea:

What if the users on this forum paid the forum organizer a user fee and this supported the resurrectin of the Uni Magazine?

Yeah, yeah, but we are “the core” accoding the Kris :smiley:

Also, Unicycling Society of America has a magazine, haven’t seen it yet as I just joined, but maybe it has some quality artciles and such?

maybe if a few dedicated few with the hopes and dreams of inspiring others put something together =D

(i would be in, for what ever =D)

Sorry about the atrocious spelling, i use an Ipad sometimes and it’s not as sensitive to touch as a regualr keyboard; and I need to proof read better :roll_eyes:

So, what if UDC produced a magazine, which obviously woudl showcase their goods, but could also be used as a tool to spread training tips, info on events, new products, there could even be sponsored reviews, etc…

Would you pay a subscription of $10-15USD for a quarterly publication that was on par with the Unicycling Magazine?

UDC has the market share, maybe they’ve even thought about it themselves, and they certainly have the international exposure.


I would gladly pay a subscription but I’m a UDC fanatic. I buy so much stuff, they are going to build a new wing in my honor and name it after me. :sunglasses:

I think they should start small with a flyer insert included with your order. Then, they could use that mailing list to distribute a quarterly to be renewed with each order. Then again, I haven’t ordered Jeep parts in years and I still get the “essentials” magazine. It thumb thru it and recount my days of four wheeling.

I would, but lots of people said that about Uni magazine - and when it actually came to putting their money where their mouth was, not enough people bought it. I know the subject was pretty well discussed at the time, but I’d be surprised if anybody will risk a proper high-quality magazine like Uni again, at least not for a long time. An on-line publication might be more viable financially, to get rid of printing and distribution costs, but still means somebody’s got to put the time in. Is that French language on-line mag still going? That was nicely done - think it was called “Switch”.


Was it online? I thought it was hard copy. I have a copy at home.

Ah, OK. I’ve only ever read it in PDF (I think) format. Didn’t know they had printed copies. Is it still going?


I don’t think so. The website seems to be down :frowning:

Maybe I’m showing my age, but like the majority of my free time activities are tangible, in hand, object based such as riding unicycles, spending time with my family/animals, working on the house, reading a book.

So, I want a magazine to take on trips, show to my wife, get wet and muddy, not worry about someone stealing it from my car or dropping it in the road.

I want something I can hold in my hands that is not electronic :slight_smile:

I spend way to much time on a computer/I Pad already, another online thing would not do anything for me.

I agree. I would love a hard copy

What people want and what’s viable in such a small market of “unicycling enthusiasts” is not always the same thing though. I don’t have publishing experience, but I’m pretty sure printing and distribution are a very significant proportion of the costs of producing a magazine (certainly considering most of the articles were volunteered by people or written by Mike himself rather than having paid journalists). Mike (Uni Mag) DID have a lot of publishing experience, which is what makes me think if he failed to make the mag sustainable then I don’t know if anybody else could without seriously reducing overheads - and an obvious way to do that while still getting the articles (and ads) to the audience would be to do away with the hard copy and publish by another means (such as electronically). Glossy magazines are nice, but cost a lot to produce. Perhaps a less high-quality paper copy would be significantly cheaper, but then you lose the “niceness” without the glossy pictures.