Who here would by a syko productions patch?

Okay, I purcheased Universe II a while back, and I remember even when I saw the trailer, the symbol for syko productions, the “syko fist” would make an awsome iron on patch, I don’t know how many punk culture unicyclist there are out there, but I’d love one of those things on my jacket, only problem is patches need to be ordered in large quanities, and I suppose syko productions wouldn’t order them if they wouldn’t get sold, so I’d just like an honest set of opinions, if you would buy, or wouldn’t buy the patch, maybe if there is enough support they will make them and stick them on unicycles.com or even just sell them at there site.


(this is in no way to offend Kris Holm)

i think Dan should come out with his own line of unicycling gloves, with SYKO emroydered on the nuckes of the glove to resemble a set of DUMB LUCK style nuckle tattoos.

Ya thats a Good Idea. Im really into punk! only real underground punk. Patches would be bad ass.

i’d be more apt to pick up a sticker.

Well, while I wouldn’t buy one, as I have no current need for patches, I am planning on using that design you have provided to make some stickers.

I’d say go for the stickers instead. I never use patches, but stickers rule. Maybe do it like unicycledotcom or Bedford, and send one with everything you buy from them.

I want stickers! I really like potters idea, too.

I do punk, but I’m not cool enough to put patches all over.

Don’t you think maybe you ought to clear that one with the guy who owns the company? Maybe, just maybe, he has some interest in protecting his intellectual property, which would include not just his videos, etc., but also company logo.

I would take anything as long as its supporting the unicycle community

maybe every time you buy universe or universe 2 you get one of the stickers.

i want a patch and a sticker

but reall a patch

well ok both


Stickers are actually being made right now… turn around is like 4 weeks on them though.


sweet. thanks dan.

how is it going with the stickers?

  • Simon

Yeah I would like a sticker. So are they ready yet.

Awesome - yeah stickers would rule. Be sure to send some to unicycle.co.nz Dan - I’ll buy plenty :smiley:

I’d be interested in ordering a patch. I guess a sticker would be ok also. I would think it would be cooler if the shape was just the oval without the square trim around it.

If it were a sticker, you could just cut the oval out of the square…

Yah i guess you could do that with a patch also but it might ruin it.