Who here tirehops up stairs?


You mean up a flight, one by one, or jumping up several at a time? Or do you mean actually standing on the tire and hopping? If you mean hopping up stairs, I’ve hopped up a super long 60 set on my 36er. After I finished I felt like my heart was going to explode! :o

36er, that’s great!!:D:D

But I am referring to tirehopping, the skill that you must know in order to not hit the floor after spinning your unicycle 90o.

Edit: Muniaddict, what is your weapon of choice tiresize in a muni?

haha, this!

I do sometimes hop on my wheel to hop stairs, but the most stairs I did this way was 6 or 7. You need to make sure to not have your pedal too low because of the stair in front or it will be really hard!

Me and my sister did it in an old video :stuck_out_tongue:


at 1:14, she goes down, I go up. I tried doing this down a 3 set at uninats and stacked though, one day I’ll muster up enough courage to try again haha!