Who has won what at Unicon 16?

If anyone knows who has won the events that have already been run in Italy, please post them here.

From looking at the program there should already be some medalists and I’m dying to know who won the events that have already taken place.

Results are being posted online here.

Well, right now the results are not very up to date…

I just went to the site, searched high and low, didn’t find results, didn’t find pictures, didn’t really much of anything.

Oh well.


Here you can find some sparse results…

4 pdfs and right now for 5 days of competitions, not very impressive documentation…

XC Expert Muni
1st Martin from France
2nd Scott from Wisconsin
3rd Mark Lavis from Australia
4th Ziga
5th Jacob from Canada
6th Me, Jamey Mossengren from USA/Australia

Group Expert
1 Denmark
2 Japan
3 Japan

Congratulations on winning your age group.
Same for jaco_flans.

I met Kris Holm 2 days ago! Does that count? We talked about seat foam. :smiley:

Who won the beer pong?

Won’t find out until Thursday night…

Me and ben talked about seat covers :slight_smile:

Trials just happened. The lines were crazy!

  1. Max Schulze
  2. Martin Sjonnbey
  3. Mark Fabian

Elias Poham, Mike Padial, and Tim Desmet were also in the final, I don’t know where they placed though. Maxime Cabot couldn’t compete in the final because he was injured between the prelims and the final. :frowning:

New link. No beer pong results yet.

On condition that I was awake enough, the freestyle results:

Felix Dietze won male freestyle 15+
Ryohei Matsuda won expert male freestyle.
Janna Wolfahrt won expert female freestyle.

Currently the track finals are running, and flatland qualifications are coming up.

Unicon 2012 Max Schultze won Trials!

I have junior and women’s flat results. There was controversy over the location, so men’s (which was supposed to start at 8 AM) got moved to tomorrow.


  1. Lorenz Pöham
  2. Casper van Tielraden
  3. Oskar Rytter Lund
  4. Samuel Tzikoucos


  1. Julia Belk :smiley:
  2. Mary Wegscheider
  3. Sophia Pellmann
  4. Sam La Hood

Flatland (junior female):
1 Julia
2 Mary
3 Sophia
4 Sam

Flatland (junior male):
1 Astrian sheep
2 Dutch Casper
3 Danish Oskar

Congratulations Julia!


Alright Julia! Congrats on being the new World Champion! I can’t wait to see some video footage.

I’ve took photos of all expert results i’ve just found on the info board. I hope it is still possible to read them.