who freestyles on Coker?

I admit the reason I got the Coker in the first place was the speed appeal. I had used 110mm cranks which is great for speed. I recently switched my cranks to 155mm and it’s like day and night! The maneuverability on my Coker is excellent, no more struggling to idle or go backward. But now I want to do more freesytle WITHOUT giving up the ability to speed away from annoying security guards who have nothing to do but bitch at unicyclists on their parking lots.

Does anyone else freestyles on Cokers? I don’t want to downgrade to a tiny 20’ uni to freestyle. Now I don’t have an Airfoil rim so I can’t hop around too much but I will need to master my idle, backward, and glide skills before attempting MAD hopping-over-park-bench crazy tricks.

unispins would be interesting…

crankflips too.

Yoggi seems to be able to ww on his coker

It would be increadibly hard to learn to WW on it though, I’ve tried and I’m not even close… haha.

I don’t really do too many freestyle tricks on mine, but I do play around on it a whole lot. I mount to WW, 1ft, skinnies, bridge gaurd rails, 40mm - 175mm cranks, and a lot of technical muni with mine

That’s a beautiful picture! well done

I can ( when i’ve been practising) ride one foot and idle on my coker. One foot is actully pretty easy as that big wheel wants to keep on turning. I’ve seen people ww on them, often V good small riders who can’t reach the pedals! Seat drag and seat out should be possible too.
Good luck. You can;t be worse than Jack H and I were when we entered a freestyle comp on cokers - we were dreadfull.



I’ve ridden sif before, it’s fairly easy.

For a shorter rider I am not sure a front seat drag would be possible simply because of the angle of the seat. When you seat drag on a 24" the seatpost is almost horizontal, but on a coker with a low seat, the seatpost angle can be steeper than 45 degrees. You’d be dragging on the leather and the force vector would be more into the ground than forward. This could create an intersting trick though of hopping over the seat to transition from seat-on-ground front to seat-on-ground rear.

Would this depend on the saddle used, I think on mine (customised myiata) the handle and bumper would be the only things to touch the deck and they being hard plastic should drag OK. I see how with a viscount sadle it’d be more of a problem.

Oh and skipping is doable if you don;t weigh to much.

scroll down this page and you’ll get pics from “Yikki” performing tricks on my coker.
what baffled me is that he had never seen a Coker before!

I can coker wheel walk too:


It isn’t too hard compared to regular wheel walking.


But more impressive, is Beau riding an ultimate wheel coker:


(IE: Mike’s coker without the frame).
(second frame is a video of beau doing it).

Off topic: in the same group of pictures I couldn’t help but notice the phenomenauts van: http://nhoover.smugmug.com/gallery/872285/2/39399877. They are a great rock and roll band from outer space.

I can idle on a Coker, and idle one-footed, though only with my right foot. I can manage a backspin in about one out of every two or three attempts. But that’s about it. And I need six-inch cranks for all of that.