Who does a front flip?

In this video at 2:18 a guy does a front flip.

Surely that is an incredibly rare ability. Who is he?

The front flip from a pallet stack that precedes it is remarkable in its own right. How he can stop instantly with that much energy behind him is amazing.

Maxwell Schulze. Only one to do it on (almost) flat ground.

thats a mad video,i liked the maxflip where he jumped and spun unicycle under him!! makes me who can barely ride feel terrible thou :slight_smile:

It was watching videos of extreme unicycling when I was struggling to learn that made me consider an ordinary person like me should be able to ride along flat ground if stuff like that was possible for the exceptional among us.

Since then I have surprised myself many times, mostly when riding big wheels up steep slopes.

Amazing skills

Must have been a painful training before being able to do it.

I presume he’d have used one of these: https://nap.skyhighsports.com/things-to-do/foam-pit/