Whiteface Mtn Uphill Bike Race 2011 (Upstate NY June 18)

Hear ye, hear ye!

For anyone in the Northeast US, the Whiteface race is coming up! Saturday June 18, 2011. This is a 7.84-mile (12.6 km) paved road which climbs 3522 ft (1073 meters). The fantastic views of the Adirondack mountains are worth price of admission, and the feeling of climbing the 5th highest peak in NY state on a unicycle ain’t bad either. As a bonus, you’ll get the best pain and suffering money can buy.

As far as I know, I’m the only uni signed up this year, as of yet. Rolandisimo holds the record at 1:10:25, which is what I’m shootin’ for.

Register here and join me. You’ll love it!

To read my impressions of previous years of this race check my link below to my uni race write-ups and look for Whiteface climbs…

It sounds like fun but I will be in California that day. (I would like to try it but NH is a long way away.)

Perhaps Terry will be up for it?

Will you use a unicycle or will you set a record in a new category: Ultimate Wheel? :astonished:


I agree that NH is a long way, but this is only NY! That’s close to CA, n’est ce pas?

I thought about the UW, but, so far, I can only ride the thing 100 yds, if that. Maybe next year…or maybe it’s TOTALLY IMPOSSIBLE.

  1. Terry doesn’t like to fly, and
    B. It’s not steep enough for Terry.

Love it? If ya like torture.

Sounds very intriguing. Recommended equipment? Would a 26" with 165 cranks work?

Takes me an hour to ride that distance on flat terrain – wonder if an old man can actually do this. Anything in common with marathons?! Tips?

Father’s day weekend. I’m in Boston – maybe drag a muni crew from the Boston area. Anyone in Boston want to join me and talk me into this?

So Steveyo, I guess you won’t be going to the Fat Tire Challenge, since it’s the same day. :frowning:
I was kind of hoping I might see you and the Albany crew there.
Well, at least that’s one less person ahead of me. :slight_smile:

Good luck!

Well, you’re only 3 yrs older than me. :roll_eyes:

The climb has NO steep sections - mostly 8% grade for 8 miles. 26X165 would be great for this ride. Once you get to the 3.5 or 4 mile mark, the views are breathtaking and take your mind off the effort somewhat. Read my write-up of my first time, as a 42 yr old rider with less than a year of experience. Also, that year was freakishly hot. I don’t know your fitness level, but if you’ve done marathons, I’d bet you’d be faster than the 2 hr time I posted that year.

I’m out…the boss says grownup responsibilities that weekend, i.e. boring crap. Oh to be young and carefree again…

Is this only once a year? Any other Whiteface uphill events this summer?

I was thinking of the White Mountains in NH. It sounds like a good place for a nice uphill ride.

I am afraid NY is still a bit far from California.

I wish you the best on your ride. Unfortunately, I will not be there.


Sounds like good weapon of choice might be a 36er with 125-150mm cranks.

There are several similar events around the NE US. Check this page, and let me know if there are any you’re doing, because I could be tempted for more.

Rolandisimo did this race once on a 36er. I’ve always used a 29er with various cranks. Probably 137s this year.

Very cool.

I found detailed course profiles at:


Anyone have uni experience at any of these other races?

I’ve done Whiteface and Equinox, (I was the first uni in those two races), and others have done them, as well. Mount Washington (the stiffest NE hillclimb) has also been uni’ed a few times.

The records are here. I’m hoping other hillclimb records will be filled in in that thread, as well.

I’m seriously considering the Mt. Greylock race in September.

Equinox might work for me. 12% grade?!

Mt. Greylock might work too.

Yeah, Equinox is brutal. If you signed up, I might, too.

Equinox seems a bit over the top for a first hill climb. I’m going to shoot for Greylock.

Any hill climbing training tips?

Don’t go to big in the wheel, or too short with the cranks.

Oh, and climb lots of hills!

Greylock sounds interesting. I may enter with my two boys. We are all in training - lots of hills were I live. Greylock is not too far away (perhaps 1.5 - 2 hours drive).

Cliff: We rode together once in Lynn Woods on D-Day. It would be good to meet up again. What do you think about Wachusett, too? It is much closer for you and not too bad for me.

My mistake on Wachusetts. The course was shown on one of Steveyo’s links, but no climb is scheduled for this year.

Steveyo: Depending on which link I consult, Greylock is listed as either Sept 10 or 11. Do you know which is correct? It would be a hoot to have a gang of uni riders there. I have been doing a fair bit of hill work and I would love to have a goal (like Greylock) to train for.

According to the DCR site the auto road up the mountain is expected to be closed until summer 2011. I wonder how that project is coming along.