Whiteface Mtn. Pre-Race article & pic

So Whiteface Mtn Uphill Bike Race is tomorrow. (There’s still time to sign up!)

Unlike the two previous years, when I was the first and only uni in the race, this year there are 5 unicycles. A reporter from the Lake Placid News interviewed all of us and wrote a pre-race article about our little “race within a race”.

What the article doesn’t mention is that we’re all to be riding on different rigs:
Me: KH29/165s/BA2.0; Mark (VT guy): Semcycle 700c/wskinny road tire; Bill (VT):26er w/170s; Eric (RI) 24" Schwinn (I think); and Max (Maine) 36er w/170s.

Here’s a link to the article (posted already in the thread “Unicycle Articles”)

Here’s a pic of the front page:


Looks like someone has floppy loose shoelaces. :wink:
You ought to tuck them in. :stuck_out_tongue:

Will do, John.


You look sharp, as usual. Pulverize those newcomers with your blazing speed. Good luck to you.

Great article Steve. Sounds like you’re all trained up, and I have no doubt you’ll again beat your previous year’s time.

Good luck to you and all the uni riders. Don’t keep us waiting for that post-ride write-up. :slight_smile:

Good luck tomorrow. That was a really nice article. The 5 of you should have a great time. I’m looking forward to the results.

Your a legend Steve, I remember I was sitting at a table wearing a unicycle T shirt at diner in Pleasant Valley NY. A stranger stopped at my table to explain that he saw a guy riding a unicycle at Whiteface! He was more than impressed.

Your guys will show them how it’s done tomorrow, good luck!