Here is my new video. I but quite a lot of effort into this one compared to my previous vids. I hope you enjoy it. Comments are appreciated.

That was a really fun video. I normally dont like the snow rides but this was sweet. You made it look like a really good time. Good dance at the end by the way…

I dig it.

Liked the fast stuff. Awesome :wink:

That video looked like so much fun! I really liked the filming and all the bails :stuck_out_tongue: it really showed that you just go for it.

Sweet! You just psyched me up to go riding this weekend!

Awesome video, went by very fast!

I like how you incorporate fairly big rolling hops into your muni. That’s what muni needs more of imo:D

Awsome vid! Yea those rolling hops were real cool, and that snow looks real fun to ride in.

Sweet muni vid, you have a cool style.

Great video, loved it. Nice flow to all the riding, and the bails were a great addition. The music was uptempo which helped create a nice feeling in the riding. Yeah, enjoyed watching that, well done :smiley:

Only problem is that has made me want to go out right now for a ride …sigh… but damaged my left knee quite seriously on Monday on a stupid bail …sigh …

Thanks for all the comments. Maybe this will help to heal my ankle too :smiley:

Yeah Feller … that was a right goodie of a ride.

geiles video. macht bock.