White Impact Gravity Longneck Frame

Anyone have one of these frames?

Goudorux and renigade juggling

municycle.ca just got a black gravity longneck frame

Thanks, but it seems as if their already sold out. That’s crazy eh?

Hopefully they’ll have some white ones in stock soon.

I went to boutique Saltimbanque (Goudurix) in Montreal this weekend, he has like 10 Impact Gravity Impact frames in white, he has a ton of these in black also :stuck_out_tongue:

UDC UK has them available I think.

Municycle.ca has them for sale now! You better hurry though because there’s only one left.

Thanks for all the posts guys! Much appreciated.

I think I’m going to wait and order the frame from goudrix. It’s about $10 more

then what municycle.ca is offering with their shipitnow discount, but I’m not ready to buy it yet anyway.