Whips are starting to catch on. For years there were only a couple of people who could do them. Then someone new lands one at NAUCC, and now more people are figuring them out. They’re just too cool:

oh those crazy kids… what will they think of next?!?

I love to see people pushing the envelope, pretty insane!

Can’t wait to see some variations, like spinning it round as it flips… Or flipping it backwards… :smiley: :sunglasses:

I don’t do any tricks on my uni, but I still appreciate the skill :smiley:

That. Trick. Is. Nuts.

The first one was done backwards. :wink:

I always thought it was called a ‘Uniflip’ (like a ‘Unispin’) - just goes to show how much I know about street/flatland.

Either way it’s an unbelievable trick. I only know one guy who’s even come close to landing one.

Here’s another one

Hadn’t seen that one before…

so is a seat whip and a uni whip the same thing?

Sure is;)

By who?

Max Schulze (2:14). It may be called a whip because he called his a “Max Whip”


The video being blocked by Youtube, here’s a copy:

I thought he meant fakie, not throwing the unicycle backwards.

So was the maxwhip the first whip? If not, what was?


I believe the second was by Adrien Delacroix, who did his forwards. He was also the first (and I believe still only) to land a front flip.

Max does a flip but its different. His is SIF, only a slight drop and a bit more of a side flip.


I think my mind just blew… I’m suing

He learned his flip by practicing jumping into a foam pit at a gymnastics center.

Max just practiced in similar conditions to the spots in the film I posted. Max said ~ how many times he tried, I don’t remember, but it was A LOT, for a couple hours over a couple of days.

Colby Thomas did uni backflips and the first 1080 unispin on a large trampoline in some of his older vids (youtube not working now so I can’t find one of the vids)

Tim Desmet landed one at 3:17 he also landed a whip at 2:20