Which unicycle lights (above all to be seen from others) for my night rides?


I used these for a while, wrapped around my frame:

Multiple modes (continuous light, slow or fast blinking…).

They are USB rechargeables, but their lifespan has decreased a lot. Plus, some flexible parts broke, and the button on my red light doesn’t work well enough to be reliable anymore (will power on/off randomly).

I’m looking for similar lights, but more reliable. Do you have advice on that?

edit: I have no handlebar.


These work great for being seen.

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In addition, I use a forward-facing white light mounted on my frame, and a rear-facing red light on my frame. And, I use a forward-facing white light on my helmet, and a rear-facing red light on my helmet.

Bright Eyes - New - 850 LUMENS, Lasts Over 4+ Hours on HIGH Beam - USB Rechargeable Bike Light - Comes W/Rubber and W/GoPro Compatible Mount Options - Small & Light & Bright - Free taillight. https://a.co/d/dB8bC4t


The NiteRider brand has been outstanding for me. I use the following mounted on my helmet, and a red blinking one they make for the frame (link not supplied). And, not for nothing but it has a hand-held ‘walking’ flashlight mode that is very handy at camp, and frankly just around the house:

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So I will post what I have, this is a system that’s been developed as someone with 7 years cycling as my main way to get around and Unicycling year round. In order of importance:

  1. Good rear light that has a daytime flash. Your rear light is the most visible. It’s also your biggest blind spot so make sure you can be seen from behind. The smaller lights posted above are fairly hard to see near sun rise/set and that’s statisticaly when most accidents happen in Canada. Good price point is above $60 CAD or €35.

  2. Some form of reflective high vis clothing. I ride with a Proviz vest, but even a vest from a running store. This will help with visibility

  3. Helmet light. I use mine as a spot light, but it helps you see where you are going and upcoming terrain, and you can direct it at vehicles that may be left turning into your riding path to make sure you’re seen. This can be a cheap hiking headlight that you just glue to your bike helmet. I use one with a front and rear light from cat eye and it blinds anyone infront of me on its highest mode. I usually ride in a lower mode but when offroad of in the forest I’d feel safe doing muni at night with it.

  4. Front light. I have another bright one that goes on the uni frame low to the wheel if possible. It’s blocked by your legs most of the time from most side viewing angles but I find it throws light right infront of the uni and makes my path very visible along with the other lights.

Most of these you can get super cheap, if you’re going to drop money on anything I’d say a rear light with a daytime flash and a large battery. Amazon sells bright lights for cheap but they don’t have as big of a battery as something from a bike shop (2 hrs vs 4-8 hours in brightest mode)

If you’re not riding far, start with cheap lights but a good rear light will last several years. Cateye and Lezyne have great products in my mind but your local bike shop will have some good recommendations as well.

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I prefer the helmet mount for my night riding safety, and pleasure.