which uni???????????

im having a hard time deciding between this unihttp://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=743or this http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=634 people say that the torker is a good buy but they also say the cranks get bent easly for doing street and light trials which uni would be better?

well the torker cranks are weak because they are cotterless, but you are looking at freestyle unis so they will all be cotterless. Just don’t do trials with those.

they both have relatively equal cranks, the torker appear to be slightly stronger but dont quote me. i have an lx its holding up pretty good for street/light trials. the pedals are crap, ive broken the handle(easily fixed with the yoopers fix) and bent the cranks, but i think i would buy the nimbus because a kh saddle is about a million times more comfy than the lx (or so ive heard) scale of 1-10 for cheaper “the next step” unis i would say the lx is about 7.5

also the nimbus has shorter cranks witch can make a big difference.

dose anyone else have comments on the lx or nimbus x

Nimbus has a better saddle and tire…
The cranks/hub are pretty much the same I think, Nimbus might be a bit stronger, but if you’re not doing drops it shouldn’t give you problems anyway. If you go for the Nimbus get a 2 bolt clamp instead of a quickrelease though, saddletwisting AND safety, I remember my quickrelease hurt.

i read a few reveiws on them both and people said that you could do 2 to3 foot drops on them if i get a kh seat for the lx do you think it would be as good as the nimbus or would i have to change the tire to a maxis hookworm …oh yeh and im going to be selling my trials uni so if anyones interested pm me

Sounds okay, if you’re going to do real freestyle you’ll probably want the hookworm tire, brb, going to yell at Amanda for a sec to post here, she’s THE freestyler. YES THAT WAS A COMPLIMENT. Jesus.

No unicycle has a set maximum dropheight. The biggest factor in determining the dropheight is your own technique. If you can roll out pretty good, I think 3 foot drops might be OK. To be honest, on a freestyle unicycle, I wouldn’t go beyond 1 foot. And your cranks will still bend. Just, the lower the drops, the slower it goes.

Go Nimbus because:

  • Double walled rim (vs. single on Torker)
  • Better tire (it's a Kenda Kikzumbut instead of the pictured Hookworm)
  • Lighter aluminum cranks (vs. steel on Torker)
  • Better pedals (vs. Torker's cheapo Welgos)
  • Stronger seat post clamp (vs. whimpy and bad quality quick release on Torker)
  • Sweet powdercoated frame (vs. easily scratched paint on Torker)
  • I have one... :) (vs. Harper who has the Torker...;) ;) )

I can standup wheelwalk just fine on my Nimbus X. The frame is actually a Nimbus Longneck, but the crown width and height is exactly the same as the regular black shortneck Nimbus X frame.

do you people think the kh seat is bad for freestyle?

Here’s a good shot of the frame. Again, although this is a different frame, the only difference between it (Nimbus Longneck) and the Nimbus X is the color (chrome vs. powdercoat black), and the longer neck.


Personally, no. I have a Torker LX seat on my Nimbus now just because I used the KH for my Muni, but I really don’t care between the two.

True dat! :smiley:

Wet ground is sucky for anything freestyle especially if it’s a wheelwalking skill. Gliding is fun to try when the tire is wet, though! :astonished:

this is kinda off topic but does the thickness of the wheel matter theat much on how high you can hop?

Go Nimbus is your going to be doing more trials- related stuff
Go LX if your doing flatland or freestyle stuff

I personally have a DX and it is pretty awesome, I’ve had no trouble with it imho.

but people say the lx is good for trials too

but people say they have gone off around 3 foot drops without breaking it or anything i dont realy want to do anything more than that

how do i close this thread

You can’t — threads just die by themselves.