which uni should I get?

My lx axle is bent aswell as the cranks and rim so I decided I should probably save up for a splined trials uni. I’m looking at the torker dx but then I was wondering if I should just keep saving and get a koxx-one or kh. My other option would be to get the torker then slowly upgrade it, that way I would have a trials uni sooner and be able to ride while being able to get a really nice one in the end. any opinions on what I should do?

KH all the way man

id get the koxx

I am replying to say that I will not reply, but there is a K1 vs KH link in my sig.

this isn’t a k1 vs kh post it’s a post about me where I could buy a trials uni now (dx) then slowly upgrade it to the point where it’s as good as a koxx-one or kh. Or wait all the way until spring so I can cut lawns again, make a hundred to two hundred dollars and buy a k1 or a kh. In the end I would be getting somewhat the same quality but if I got the dx now I could ride while I save up.