Which tyre to get

I mostly ride street on a 24" qu-ax.
My stock tyre is going bald and will be so in a few weeks or a month.
I’m thinking of getting a new tyre.
I’m considering three options:
Wildelife Duro - the one I have now. I’m pretty happy with it, but I’ve never tried anything else.
Dyno Fireball - looks cool, but costs twice as much. Some people reported having problems with it.
Hookworm - seems like a cool tyre, but it’s 2.5". Would it fit on my rim? Wouldn’t it be better to pay a bit more and go for the Fireball if I want a slick tyre?

I mostly ride on concrete and asphalt and I do a lot of hopping and freestyle.
Also, are these good pedals for street?

tom had a 24" nimbus with the hookworm.

i love the tyre it feels like your riding on a cloud.

those pedals look pretty grippy.

I think I’ll get Fireball. Seems like a few extra euros is worth the looks. Plus, it says, it’s for urban trials, which is what I do half of the time.

I have a fireball, and I really hate it. The sidewalls are like paper thin, and I instantly got a pinch flat from a side hop. I wasn’t even using low pressure either, it was at like 40 psi. I prefer my old worn out duro tire much more than this one.

Never mind, I’ll get Wildelife.