which tubes?


I have a new Unicycle (qu-ax 20" luxus).
the problem: the tube is leaking, I will have to swap it!

Which tube fits?
Are there special tubes for unicycles? Fits tubes for children- Bicycles too?
Which valve do you prefer?

Thank you! : )

A standard 20" tube should work. It looks like it has a Schraeder valve, so that would be what you want. You can get a rim grommet to fit a presta valve, but that valve is generally harder to find in your size. Of course, I am in the US, so availability may be different wherever you are.

If you have a slow leak why not patch it? If done right patches are no less good than a new tube, and much cheaper. Plus, you won’t be sending your old tube to a landfill yet.

is it a trials wheel or just a beginner cycle… if it is just a beginner cycle… bike tube… if trials… 15 x 2.75 or 3.0 motorcycle tube… you can figure out where they sell them maybe? any ideas?

aparently people use moped tires because there prettty much thorn proof , in my kh i got a standard 20 inch tire

tires? or tubes?
i think you’re talking tubes…

i don’t care about thorns… at all really…
i care about pinch flats. I got around 7 in one day…

Just go to your LBS (local bike shop.) They should be able to fix you up with a good tube.

Thank you very much for your answers! : )
Now I´m ready for take off ; )