which size inner tube?

I bought a hawley summit 24’’ on the internet, and I think the guy had the wrong size inner tube. :frowning: The size that was included was a 24x1.75 and when I put that on, it seems much too large. the tires have also been deflating for no reason, and I suspect this is the cause. What is the proper inner tube size for a 24’’ unicycle??

how wide is ur tire make shure youre tube is right with

How did you determine your tube is too large? Does it not fit inside the tire?

Did you put the tube under water to see where the air is leaking from? It could be a loose or broken stem valve, if you don’t see any leaks in the tube itself. There must be a reason for the tube to deflate… they’re designed to hold air!

You want a 24" tube for a 24" unicycle. The x1.75 measurement doesn’t mean you HAVE to have a 1.75" wide tire… tubes are flexible enough to handle a small variance in width.

Tubes are cheap… why not buy another 24x1.75 and see if your problem is fixed that way?

Spelling, punctuation, capitalization and grammar issues aside, your post is missing a few details.

This guy is posting to ask us about the proper width of a tube. Saying “make shure youre tube is right with” doesn’t answer his question… that’s what he’s doing here in the first place, making sure his tube is the right width!

If you’re going to take the time to post an answer to a question, why don’t you use that time answering the question, and not confusing the poster? Unless you’ve only got two thumbs to type with, it helps not to type like you’re texting an 11 yr old Justin Beiber fan…


I already bought an extra tube, didn’t make any difference, and I’m beginning to think he sent me a whole different rim size, so I’m going to buy a whole different size tube.

Well, what does the sidewall of the tire say? Rather, what size and what brand/model of tire do you have?