which shoe

hi all whats the difference between five ten impacts sam hills and karver apart from looks which one would you recommend thanks

From what I’ve read, the Karvers are Impacts with lace covers… Don’t quote me on that though.

Same shoe, one has a laces cover. The Impacts are not bad shoes, but the recessed arch makes pedal grip a little sketchy depending on foot position, and they’re kinda heavy and hot.

If you want a slightly softer soled shoe, the Baron Freeride from Five Ten is lighter weight and has better pedal contact, also a lot cooler.

If you want a stiffer shoe, the Shiman AM51 is what I ride, it’s an excellent shoe and the most supportive non spd shoe available.

I put up reviews of all these shoes.

iv had the chance to try on the baron and the am41 they seemed a bit thin with having flat feet i was thinking the impacts would have a bit thicker sole and a bit more padding when i try to hop off anything i can feel it jar in my feet so i thought the impacts would be better not had chance to try any on yet

Same thing we were talking about over in the thread I made! I have flat feet too and the freerider is a bit narrow for me. Though I will vouch, the freeriders are nice steady shoes. In a week or so I may have the freeriders refunded and will give the Impacts a shot. I’ll be the guinea pig!

i dont know if every one with flat feet suffer the same but my feet are very wide where the arch would be so that part of my foot rests on the edge of the sole of the shoe which makes most shoes uncomfy:(

The Karvers also have an asymmetrical design with ankle cover on the inside and standard cut out on the outside.

All of these shoes are flat inside by design, you can make them fit differently by changing out the insole.

Shoes that absorb impact do so by having a soft sole, but as a result they are also flexy and tend to be less “accurate” and more prone to wear.

The tire is the suspension and your legs of course…

Until you UPD - at which point having a shoe with a bit of give is good.

I went wild and bought some Vans Gravel shoes as I found them at a good price - though I already owned AM41s, I wanted some riding shoes which didn’t look so special for when I’m riding for transport purposes. The Gravels definitely have more cushioning when landing on your feet than the AM41s do. I think I’d still pick the AM41s when riding distance (and definitely for anything off-road at this time of year as the water protection is so much better), but tend to reach for the Gravels when going out playing.

I don’t think I’ve seen a review of the Vans Gravel on here at all - I’d have a go myself, but I’m such a new rider I’m not sure how informative I could be. Certainly from reading on MTB forums, most seem to prefer them to 5-10s (which I’ve never owned, so can’t compare).

Upon Ben’s endorsement I got the Shimano AM41’s (and some Nukeproof Electrons). The AM41’s are working out great for both road and Muni. Plenty of support, firm sole that doesn’t transfer pressure points and easy to move on the pedals.

Easy to walk in (yes I’m a 50+ percenter on hills in the woods despite trying to ride 'em all, close to 100% on the road), more grip might be nice in the mud but I try and keep the walking to the minimum.

Style wise the black and white are not inconspicuous. However I don’t spend a lot of time looking at my feet while riding- not cool urban outfitting. The teva Links in ultraviolet got the vote from the teenage daughter that has to put up with her old man’s offbeat hobbies. (Suit and tie, jeans and tee shirt, Lycra- poor kid)

The AM41’s are nice and warm for 30-50 F temps with light wool socks. The lace cover keeps the wet out when splashing through deep puddles and help with warmth. I think at 60-65+ F they will be too hot for uni and I’m looking at the Teva Links for the Spring and Summer.

The Electron pedals are nice for Muni with a slightly lower CofG, the pins grip nicely on the 41’s but I’m keeping those pointy spikes away from my shins and calves.