Which shoe for which style?

I’m looking for new shoes. At the moment I use this shoe for freestyle and distance: http://www.goertz.de/schuhe/herren/akira/canvas-sneaker/schwarz/0000066591401,de_DE,pd.html?cgid=Schuhe_Herren&opt=productlisting#X

It actually feels very good, but it’s really on its last leg, not made for this kind of punishment and I need a replacement.

With the KH20 I use old Hiking boots, I definitely need something more suitable, too. They protect me well, but that’s their only quality for riding.

Is there some kind of table, which riding style needs which kind of shoe?

On a side note:
The Five Ten seem to be very popular here, any dealers or dealers of similar shoes in Germany?

I used to like Vans before I rode unicycle. Had a super tough pair, lasted me 4 years of abuse, and they discontinued them and have been making crap ever since ( I shouldn’t say crap, I should say different things). . . When I do finally get my own muni, anything that’s got some ankle protection is fine with me. I remember the Vans had thick plastic plates in the side, obviously more of a skater shoe, but it worked.

I would think trials would be the same, but. . . I’m staying faaar away from that : )