Which pedal controls swing when idling?

Which pedal do you use to control the swing when idling, the 6 oclock pedal or 12 oclock pedal? How much of your weight is placed on the seat, a little or completely relaxed with all weight placed on the seat?

When you idle the bottom or 6 o’clock pedal controls the swing. The more weight you put on the seat the better. If all of your weight is on the pedals you wont be able to move the wheel back and forth very easily.

I would have to say that it is possible for the bottom foot to control it, since I can idle with one foot. But I do notice a difference compared to 2 foot idling. So, I would say that both feet are involved in the process.

The bottom foot controls the idle primarily, but you can get faster idles by using the top foot as well.

Generally you want to apply as little pressure on the top pedal as possible and eventually no pressure and then you’re doing the one foot idle. The pressure between saddle and bottom foot will be shifting between the two, but most of the time you want most of your weight on the seat.

Most control is from the bottom foot. And the more weight you can get on the seat the better so you dont tire your leg out as badly. When I perform I have to switch crank position periodicaly to avoid getting my legs too tired!

Bottom foot controls the swing. Make sure you’re sat on the seat because standing will make the job harder!

Try watching tv or something while idling. Learning to idle I found is like learning to ride all over again and it’s not so much a set of instructions to follow but something that your body just has to figure out because it has to get the balance right.

Finally, while sat in front of the tv, practice idling on both sides. This will give you better control when riding as you will be balanced on both sides and also makes learning to ride backwards easier! Do 100 on each side and maybe even try some 1 footed (holding on to something :-P).

Aye, all weight on the seat, bottom foot controls.

Has anyone noticed that it can be simple to idle with just one finger against something, but as soon as you take that finger off, you can only get about 2 or 3 idles in before you need to touch that surface again? I’ve been working on this for about a week and can’t believe how difficult it seems.

+1 for learning to be able idle with either foot at bottom position!
Ive noticed recently, esp on giraffe, practising for >20mins my left leg which is usually the lower(my right foot is usually my dominant tho? is that common ?) gets real exhausted, so im learning to idle with my right foot down.
most of your weight is on seat alright and more on bottom foot than top, but foot on top is important, try to idle one foot, one foot lifted into the air not just against the frame, and youl notice how much you miss your top foot!!

Sounds like you need to practice out of range of the wall for awhile.

I am the same, and often wondered why this is. My right foot is the dominant foot, but I always use my left foot as dominant when doing anything on my uni.

Haha, my right foot used to be the dominant foot on my bike, since having learnt a lot of unicycling (especially idling and jumping etc) my dominant foot on my bike has changed to my left foot… The unicycle rules all…

You’re right. That crutch is keeping me from getting it. However, I’ve got a pulled MCL I’m trying to heal and need to prevent impact from a bunch of UPDs. As soon as I can, I’ll back away from the wall. Thanks.