Which of these unicycles are the best?

Which of these unicycles are the best bang for your buck? (under $115 only)

Sun FT Blue 20 Inch Unicycle - $79.99

Torker LX 20 Inch Unicycle - $95.99

Club 20-inch Freestyle Unicycle - $109.00

20in, FLAT TOP, GRAY, UNICYCLE - $74.97

Torker CX 20 Inch Yellow - $84.99

Sun Classic 20" - $79.99

Po’ Boy 20-inch Unicycle - $70.00

Mysterious Unicycle from invertedcheese’s thread - $25

the lx, no contest. can’t be beat for the price.

The LX is definitely the best deal for the price.

There is also an original model DX for sale here on the forums.
$100 for a DX is a great deal.

I started off with a CX because it was the cheapest and I didnt know anything about unicycling when I first got it…and then I got my LX, which is still in relatively good condition…and then I got my 28" Sun, which now has a bent rim…and then I got my Nimbus Hoppley, which is perfectly intact thanks to it’s incredible strength…

But yeah, the LX is strong enough to do quite a bit on…

I’ve rode off of picnic tables and out of pickup truck beds on mine :roll_eyes: .

Its a real close call between the Torker LX and the new Club Freestyle from UDC. I think I’d put my money on the Club Freestyle, its got a much stronger frame and I believe the hub is wider which makes up for the fact that its 36 spoke instead of 48. The wheels should be relatively equal in strength, the seat on the club looks like it has a better shape. The club also looks a lot cooler I think.

I would take the club over the lx . Very good deal for a beginner unicycle. the seat is the differentiating factor for me

+1 on that. :smiley:

The LX is ranked top on my list as the best unicycle for your budget imthewhitekid. :smiley:

much stronger frame? what makes it stronger? and i believe the lx has a better hub/cranks than the club. it’s a little hard to say, udc doesn’t give much info on the club, but the brand new 20" torker lx’s use what appears to be the old dx frame w/ one improvement: the headtube is reinforced at the base where they always used to break. the crank arms on the club look like the real cheap steel kind, and the hub kinda reminds me of the one on the cx. (the frame looks pretty cool, but i don’t think that outweighs the benefits of the lx.

The clubs seat and frame are both stronger then the torker lx, making it substancialy better. Not to mention a whole lot more confortable then the lx seat!

The club has a Nimbus II frame but has 40mm bearings so maybe it uses shims. I’d go with the Club if I couldn’t afford a Nimbus II trials with SIS, and down the road update it with a better wheel set.

With the Torker LX you’re stuck and when the time comes that you want to upgrade to a tougher 20" you’ll wind up having to buy a complete uni and stick the LX in a corner to collect dust. If you go with the Club and it indeed can accept 42mm bearings which it should cause it has a Nimbus II frame, all you’ll need is a better wheel set. Who knows, maybe you could get lucky and find the components at a deal on the trading post.

The club uses the Nimbus Cromo Wide hub, exactly what they used on all of their freestyles and lower end trials unis before going ISIS. Theres no way the torker hub is better.

i was unsure what hub was being used. the torker uses a suzue hub, so it sounds like the club does have the better hub. it really seems like a pretty solid package, and they look sharp! i wonder how the rims and cranks compare…

Hmm, the Torker is single walled, steel, 48 spokes, and the Club is single walled, aluminium, 36 spokes.

I think the Torkers rim will hold up a bit better. The cranks I dont know though, I know the Torker uses steel and UDC doesnt say about the Club, but strength wise theya re going to be pretty clsoe I assume.

But either uni, you shouldnt be using it for too big of things. Ive seen and done 6 set on the Torker LX, but after a while the crank willb end, and the uni will slowly fall apart.

We at The Unicycle Shop have the Torker if you want that and we will beat UDC prices.

I’d go with the club (orange of course) and upgrade the saddle. What the heck is a “club” saddle anyways?

…the TX is good too, can’t go wrong either way.

Avoid the CX. Also, the Po-boy uses the CX saddle boo on that too.

I disagree. The lx is a nice unicycle and cool looking too. I rode one a while ago and it was very nice for the price, plus the lx seat although uncomfortable has potential for tons of upgrades. Thats what I would reccomend. Good luck choosing:)

Actually, the torker cranks are aluminum alloy.

Hmm. I was just going off UDC and it marks them as steel.

yeah, the rim is also aluminum also, however it about the strongest single-wall rim i’ve ever used.
i think my vote would also fall with the torker lx

I’d go with the LX and try not to break anything on it (like I did) so you can later use it for freestyle.