which KH Pulse gloves to get?

I’m looking at the KH Pulse gloves on UDC, and there are 2 different styles :


I presume the red ones are last year’s model. They are also $6 cheaper. I tend to get sweaty so the grey ones seem to be the better choice. Also, the red ones appear to be really bulky, but I like the color better.

What I’m saying here is that I need more info to make an informed choice. How do I decide between the two?


Stitching comes apart on the old ones, for 6 bucks go grey.

I have the grey and the seem good. I also heard that the red are heavier and less durable. Go grey!

I got the red, there great:D Enjoy:D

If you get the red gloves you’ll have to replace them in 6 months or so… your fingers will stick out of the end of the gloves after the stitching comes apart. I’ve seen this happen to many pairs of red KH gloves, so this isn’t a fluke!

Go grey!

I don’t own any KH pulse gloves but every red pair ive seen has come apart at the fingers.

My first pair of reds lasted for 1,500 miles of cokering and I’m not sure how much muni before I blew out the end of one finger, mostly a material blow-out rather than stitching. My second pair started blowing out stitching on one of the thumbs within the first two weeks. After a patch job on that, they’ve been okay for the last few hundred miles. Unfortunately, I ordered them about one week before the grey ones came out, else I would have headed that direction.

I had the red ones for about two weeks before the stitching on the forefinger started to come apart, I have now been using them still since october, they work but every once in a while I notice that there is some air coming into my finger :p.


I also have the red ones and the finger stitching comes apart. I always blamed it on my long nails, but no I see I’m not the only one. Personally, I just sew them up every couple of months or so. I like them, but they are starting to smell pretty strongly now, even though I’ve washed them twice(once with bleach). I’ll have to buy the grey once next time I order something.

so those are the red fingerless gloves shaun wears. i never wear gloves, but i should. never fall on my hands much anyway.

Grey ones come with gel insert and reds one don’t ?

uhm if you want fingerless ones go red. If not go grey…

Kris Holm himself wrote: New gloves: redesigned to have better fit in the fingers, less seams for durability, a cooler, better ventilated back fabric, an improved wrist wrap position, more comfortable cuff without Velcro, and gel padding in the palms.

Here’s the link KH 2007 Products- details & info are here

How does the cuff work if it hasn’t got Velcro?
Is it buttons or something? I hope not.

my completly uneducated guess is that they use elastic. much like shorts do

just grab a rubber glove out from under the sink.

i did this for a while whilst practicing in the backyard, may not be to asthetically pleasing but it certainly kicks ass on spending money

The red ones are rhe from last year.
The new ones are great except that the glove part needs a piece of Velcro to keep it closed otherwise they are tough. The wristbrace part is with elastic stretch and holds great.

OK, I’m bumping this thread, because I don’t wanna open a new one.
So, I got the gray ones, but after a few months the stitching on the index finger (that’s the second one, right?) got unstitched:D It’s going apart and at the bottom, where my wrist is, the black, fluffy material is also coming away from the stitch.
I hope I got the description right:D

So, did this happen to anyone too?

mine have been ok

Mine have been OK, but I have never “used” them (i.e. fallen on my hands).

The grey stuff is getting a bit frayed on the surface from the velcro. Other than that, they have been fine.

Perhaps you can get them sewn up at a shoe repair.