which is the best trials tire

give me some feed back on some tires

the best thread on the subject.

i think the maxxis side walls are to thin

Did you read the thread or just glance at the first heading? That thread basically agrees with what you just said and provides tons more info.

Creepy Trials Maxxis Tyre 20"x 2.50

Definately the cheapest (usually), but not the best, don’t comment if you have nothing to compare to. I personally like the Monty Eagle Claw. I"m also looking for a Monty 2.7, but have come up with diddly.

I’m getting tired of the cc folding so much. I’m trying a try-all stiky next.

The luna is definitely worth checking out for street. I love mine. It rolls easier and folds much less than a CC. Its also a good bit cheaper than a try-all.

Where could I get one? How much?

Bedford, $35.

monty eagle claw or try-all stiky.

Luna is good, but heavy. I have both the cc and luna. Ive spent a fair time riding both. I recently switched back to the cc because it is significantly lighter. though the fold can get annoying, my style calls for a lighter wheel much more than one which doesnt fold (well the tire i mean…). I recommend the cc if you like to do many flip tricks, otherwise the luna is good.