Which is Stronger: Profile Hub/Cranks OR Splined Qu-Ax Hub/Cranks?

Just curious…does anyone have an opinion about the relative strength (for big drops) of the Profile hub & cranks (145mm) as compared to the splined Qu-Ax hub & cranks (145mm).

There’s obviously a huge price differential between these two hub/crank assemblies and many seem to think that the splined Qu-Ax hub & cranks are pretty strong. Disregard the fact that the Qu-Ax is 48 hole and the Profile is 36 hole.


I was having this discussion not so long ago with some mates and we all agree that Qu-Ax is stronger, besides that the Profile’s will break sooner they’ll also come a bit loose with time. Qu-Ax hasn’t been bent or broken yet and a set of Qu-Ax cranks + hub is 120 euros and Profile’s are like 300 euro’s. I’d say go for Qu-Ax, they’re stronger than most cranks on the market.

Thanks. That’s what I’m looking for.

what r splined cranks

i have heard of them.

I dont know. Are you sure Quax cranks havn’t been snapped? Not many people ride Quax setups, so I dont think they have been tested that good. Many Many people ride profile cranks, and still say they are very strong. they have had a fair trial. Kris Holm, Dan Heaton, and many many others have done some crazy stuff on them for years. Yes a few have broke, but they were dropping some crazy stuff.

I have heard qu-ax cranks are very strong, but I dont think they have been tested touph enouph to say they are any stronger than profile cranks. Another good thing with profile is that if you did break them, you get another cranks free. Overtime is you ride hard they pay for themself.

My profile cranks are easy to get on and off, and arn’t lose at all. They dont sqeek/creak at all either. I think the bottom line is the qu-ax cranks need to be tested and given some abuse before we can say anything about them.

I think the bottom line is the qu-ax cranks need to be tested and given some abuse before we can say anything about them.

does this mean we get to blow something up!!?

Ah, heck, why not!

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More than 50% of the riders in Europe ride Qu-Ax lol, I think they’ve been tested enough… Qu-Ax isn’t a very popular brand in America and Australia because they arn’t easily available there… german trial champion Lutz Eichholz uses these cranks, Rocco Schulz (1.00m+ rolling hops) uses them, I know plenty of people who have tested them, myself I have taken them above 2.10m drops and 9sets and the only thing that was damaged was my ankle. Frank Vroemen has taken them above 2.40m drops and his are still perfect too.

Not good enouph. I havn’t even heard of these people. If they even did do that It doesn’t matter, because the Profiles have done that and then some. So still Youd have to test them for years…and hard. I know they are strong, but I just dont know if you can just come to the conclusion that they are stronger than profile. They are probably close to the same, and either one would be a great setup.

For sure Dustin is absolutely right that the QU-AX set is well approved for some years by many riders and really strong!
There must be a reason that Pro trial Riders do a lot of work to move a 48 spokes QU-AX Hub into a 36 spokes Hub to build a wheel with a 36 spoke rim :smiley:
If you don’t know Rocco and Lutz and some other popular European riders you should maybe visit utv to become familiar with them, they have some video stuff online. You will find a lot of QU-AX Hub Sets in all European Videos and also in some from other Continents.
At least only on a test bench it would be possible to get a neutral result which set is stronger, drops say nothing about cause it totally depends on the technique you use who hard they stress the Hub Set.
So for now I think both Sets are really strong ones but the QU-AX one is much cheaper.

yes, that’s where Im at.

i think looking at the price, even if the qu-ax were to be weaker, you coudl still buy nearly 3 hubs and cranks for the price of one profile set.

SO really its not worth getting profiles anymore…

Alot of you people are saying things that aren’t backed up with any evidence.

Firstly, it’s piss easy to get QUAX in the states. You just go to unicyclist.com and order one. Here is how I generally see things broken down nowadays:

People who who want to build their own unicycles up from the ground use profiles or KH hub/cranks 'cause people, in general, don’t want to deal with a 48 spoke setup.

People who buy ready made unicycles buy Torker DX’s or Quax if they are on a budget and by KH if they can afford it. Generally people get the DX over the Quax because the DX is about $100 bucks cheaper. A few years ago the Quax was THE cheap good unicycle to get, but it’s not anymore because the DX is finally of a good enough quality to replace the Quax.

Therefor, there is no reason to buy Quax. It’s a pain to lace up to any of the standard rims if you are making your own unicycle (if you can even buy Quax cranks stand-alone.) They are no longer the best buy on a budget because the DX is just as good and $100 bucks cheaper. People who want a better unicycle than the DX buy a KH or build their own using a KH or profile hub.

Things were different 2 years ago though.

As far as comparable stength goes, the general thought from what I’ve read is KH if the strongest and builds up the strongest wheel (due to flanges) and is trailed by profile then DX/Quax. Although I’ve never seen any evidence to show that profiles stronger than the other hub/cranks - but good luck buying DX or Quax cranks seperately. Oh yea, and K-1 fits in there somewhere around the same level as profiles - 'cept they’re too straight for my tastes.

I would go with Qu-Ax.

It used to be harder to get Qu-Ax in the states, also Unicyclist.com is not a store and Unicycle.com is :wink: I checked Unicycle.com and indeed the Qu-Ax is on there now for a very good price, however the new Torker DX is not so I can’t really comment on your claims regarding the Torker, does it have a new frame yet?

I love it how you say that ‘alot of people’ are saying things that aren’t backed up with any evidence, and you do exactly the same and worse…

You claim that people who buy Qu-Ax don’t have the budget for a Kris Holm unicycle, I do, I actually bought a Kris Holm 24" last year, the first pair of cranks was bent in 2 weeks the second pair in 2 days. I am sure the new Moment cranks are an improvement, I’m actually quite sure they are because I’ve tested them, however they havn’t been out very long and already someone bent them… Profile’s have been snapped and I’ve heard of more problems with Profile cranks than most other cranks, use the search function if you want some evidence. A mate of mine bent the Koxx cranks in less than three months so I wouldn’t say they are uber strong either. The Qu-Ax cranks have been tested for years and I havn’t seen pictures or heard someone complain about bent or broken cranks, neither has Egon so I think that pretty much proves that the Qu-Ax design is better than most existing cranks. I havn’t seen anything on the new Torker yet, if it’s the same design as first then the Qu-Ax’ are better, if it’s a new design I would like to hear some reports and see them and maybe I will change my opinion then.

I’m getting a little tired of typing haha and I want to have some lunch now, however I am interested on how you back up your claims.


In fact, I did and I’m very happy about it.

I can’t respond at lenght 'cause I’ll be late for work, so quickly -

Lack of evidence of quax braking is no proof that they are stronger since fewer of the top riders ride quax. The top riders over here in the states are riding profile and KH and occasionaly breaking them. But they aren’t riding quax from what I’ve seen.

Also, the new DX does have a new frame and was on unicycle.com last I checked for 100 bucks less. Also, I never said that profile was stronger - I said I haven’t seen any real evidence either way. What I did say was the quax was a waste of time if you are building your own unicycle since you can’t get the hub/cranks separate and since 48 spoke wheels are a pain in the ass.

As for lack of evidence, your most recent post was the first evidence I’ve seen, so my early comment was correct. As for you breaking KH equipment so easily - I’m skeptical. Are you doing trials on your 24? Muni shouldn’t break cranks anyway. What are you doing to break KH so easily?

This is turning into a real argument haha, let’s avoid that, just some facts untill I will stop trying to convince you.

Ehm, from an earlier post:

KH is the strongest, trailed by profile and THEN Qu-Ax, you do say Profile’s are stronger…

First my point in argument was that Qu-Ax isn’t easily available in the states, you correct me and then you say this:

That is what I was aiming at in my first post and then you corrected me and yes, to my surprise Qu-Ax is finally properly on the market in the US. Here is a link to the cranks, the hub, or the cranks and the hub. I don’t really see your problem with Qu-Ax, they have been proven in Europe, there arn’t many “top riders” in the US that ride them because they wern’t available in the US in the old days. Forrest Rowell is a good rider, he rides Qu-Ax. A lot of the top riders in Europe ride the Qu-Ax and have done similar stuff as US top riders have on their unicycles.

As to what I did with my 24" isn’t really interesting in a topic about Profile’s and Qu-Ax, but I have used it a few times for some hops (max 70cm) and small drops (smaller than 5ft) and when I finished my MUni ride and was putting my uni in the car I noticed something weird about my cranks so I checked them and they were pretty bent…

How tall are you and how much do you weigh to be bending all of these cranks off of 5 foot drops?
my lil bro (he only weighs like 80lbs and is only about 4’10’’) has done plenty of 5footers and his profile cranks have done great, he has the Nimbus 20’’ trials with the profile cranks…
my friend did a 7footer on dirt (it was from the flat piece on top of the hill to a landing on the bottom) on my lil bros uni and it held up fine…he then proceded to do it on his 2007 KH trials and it held up fine…he is about 5’5’’ and weighs only about 130lbs…
Also are the Quax solid tubed or hollow tubed like the profile and KH cranks?