Which is better?

I’m trying to decide what kind of mountain unicycle to get, and I’m on a budget. Is a KH Muni all that much better than a qu-ax? Or even a torker unistar DX? Everyone says it’s better, but I don’t see much of a difference except for the sturdiness. What are the adantages?


sturdiness, and yes you’re right…
but sturdiness means less broken parts, more extreme, more fuN!

well, if you’re middle budget, get the Qu-Ax. Tehy’re an all around good company. if you can afford the KH without a major dent in the wallet, then go for it. it all depends on personal preference.

yeah i would sugest a KH 05 muni, as they are super light, and tough uni’s. The Qu-ax is very heavy compaied to the KH. I would totally sugest the KH all the way!

What about trials or street? Would the KH be good for that, or is there anything better? (under $500 or so) What I really want is a unicycle that would be good for Muni and street.

The Kh will be best for both, it is lighter and stiffer than the competition due to the aluminium frame, but it is much more expensive. I wouldn’t overlook Onza, their 24" is pretty damn good. You can’t be on much of a budget if you’re considering a KH, other than custom stuff it is pretty much the most expensive uni out there. Unfortunately there is no such thing as a uni that is good at trials, street and Muni, i’ve been riding all three on a 24" for a couple of years, just got a 20" and I’m already better on it than i ever was on the 24". Maybe stick to somethign cheaper like the Onza or Qu-Ax and put the rest of the money aside to save for a 20" aswell?

This is my only problem with the qu-ax as well. The qu-ax is a very sturdy unicycle and a great buy for its price, but the kris holm’s are a lot lighter.