Which is better?

My current unicycle has experienced a lot of “love”. Eventually I’ll need to get a new one, most likely freestyle. I was looking at some and two that seem good are the:

-Nimbus X 20-inch Freestyle Unicycle $162
-Nimbus II 20-inch Red Unicycle $147

As far as I can tell they are both low-priced unicycle for what they are(that’s what it seems like). the only difference is price and look. I think that the Nimbus X looks a lot better.

Any suggestions on which one to get or another type of unicycle to get?


It looks as though the Nimbus X has better cranks (Nimbus X alloy cranks). The ones on the Nimbus 2 look like they may be steel, which are heavier and bend more easily

I have an upgraded (different cranks, tire, and pedals) Nimbus X and I LOVE it. It is definitely priced cheaper than what it should be, but I shouldn’t be complaining cause it’s to our advantage!!! One more thing, the Nimbus doesn’t come with the hookworm, it comes with a grey Kenda Kikzumbut tire and the silver alloy cranks. It also has a black seatpost, not silver like in the pic.