Which is better?


i want to do trail or mountain unicycle but i want to know which is better between 20 inch wheel or 25 to 26 inch wheel for this kind of unicycling?


I guess 25 inch would be better, if only it existed. So, you’re left with the two closest options: 24 inch and 26 inch. To find out some information about the 24 inch vs 26 inch check here. Alternatively, try searching the forums.

Really??? 25"?
Welcome the the list… Use the search function; there are PLENTY of posts about this. It’s all going to boil down to who you are, what size and shape you are, what kind of riding you will be doing now and in the future and how much you have to spend.

Some info about this community, it’s cool to ask questions but if they’ve been asked repetitively ad nauseum… It’s much cooler to use the search function.

ok, thanks!!