which hubs should i buy

i just bought a montys trials unicyle with a cotterless hub and after not long after having it i snapped off 1 of the cranks after only doing a small jump off a 2 or 3 ft wall i read on a forum that they snap easly but i also read that 6ft jumps hav bin done on them without them breaking, i am now looking to buy a new hub but am not sure what to buy i am on a tight buget and would prefer the cheapest option

i need a hub that will be able to withstand genral trials forces and jumps of no more than about 4 ft

can you post advice on what i should and could buy and posably some links if posable

Go with the moment hub. From what I’ve heard it’s comparable to profiles and it’s CHEAP!

thanks for your advise, im still looking i may buy the kh moment but seeing as i still have my square cranks and have read that there is no great advantage of buying splined hubs i may try and save myself a bit of money and buy a fitting square hub

There is an advantage, they’re stronger.

Square taper is terrible.

ok i will rethrase that, theres no great advantage for me to buy splines atm, i also believe that they are stronger but i am only just getting in2 it and havnt bin jumping more than a few ft and also buying square tapered will save me alot of money as i already have gd cranks that will fit

If you plan on doing trials with your regularly riding, go with splines. I bent my square taper (hub) 2 months after starting trials. the highest drop was 1.5 ft. I now have the cheaper Isis splined hub (the general consensus is that they are weaker than a “fully” splined set up), and have successful landed repeated 3-4 ft drops with no hassles.

iv only bin riding 4 about a month but iv bin out most days i hav 2 unis 1 was a cheap 40 quid 1 off ebay and the other is a monty trials uni I snapped my square hub on my monty uni within mins of having it by jumping off a 2 or 3ft wall but i hav repeatedly jumped off it on my 40 quid 1 thts not designed 4 trials and its holding up fine, yesterday i bought a new square tappered hub wich is ment 2 b realy tough and iv almost finished redoing all the spokes and im hoping it will hold up

depends how heavy you are too, i mean if ur quite heavy just get a splined set. I mean it cost twice as much, but u’ll never have a problem. your choice