Which hand?

Regarding Muni, I’ve noticed that my dominant hand is the one that wants to hold the saddle while the other one flaps around trying to balance. Is this true of everyone?

I’m the same, but having the non-dominant hand on the seat is fairly common too

I always have my non-dominant hand on my handlebar.

Same here, non dominant hand naturally on the saddle with dominant waving! I do sometimes swap just because

It depends on the context. Sometimes the dominant hand is on the t-bar while the non-dominant hand is away. Sometimes both hands are on the t-bar.

I find it very hard to ride while holding the saddle with my dominant (right) hand. I naturally hold on with my non-dominant hand.

Which means that I’m holding on with the hand that’s on the same side as my dominant (left) leg, which might be relevant. Or it might be something to do with years of playing hockey causing me to ride with my body twisted at a slight angle to allow for wielding a hockey stick.

I use my non-dominant hand while riding, but strongly prefer to mount with the dominant hand. Need to flip this around as it leads to a switch of hands every time I get going.

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I hold the handle with whatever hand the terrain dictates.
Be ambidextrous.


I tend to hold with my left when turning to the right and vice versa. For going straight it make little difference.

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it depends what you call “dominant hand”. I only use my left hand to hold the saddle but I am not “left handed” (yes I wave desesperatly with my right hand) … in fact I discovered that some people like me are not really ambidextrous but are not exactly right-handed or left-handed: it just depends what you are doing (I write with my right hand, use a tennis racket with my left hand… and so on).


Right-handed here :person_raising_hand:
And dominant hand on the saddle.

Right-handed here :person_raising_hand:
And left hand on the saddle (most of the time, I do actually switch sometimes).

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Righthanded here. Left hand on the seat handle, waving with my right arm. (Or both on the handle, mostly in road riding.) I think it makes sense. The armwaving for keeping balance is more “difficult” than pulling up on the handle

Also right handed. Left hand on the handle - right hand for waving/balance when needed. Most of time both hands on the handle when road riding. Only occasionally I grab the handle with my right hand and use left for waving/balance.

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Either as required.

Forced myself to be able to use both. Lets me rest each hand as needed. Same applies to using a brake.

I am left-handed, and for road riding I place my left hand on the handle, pushing a quarter-inch forward which gets the 36er in the perfect go-forward/fast with control mode, while placing a touch more weight on my sit bones, and lifting my itty bits a smidge off the saddle. My right hand goes somewhere/anywhere/sometimes who knows where, for balance.

For Muni and dog-walking, I am an equal opportunity handle-holder, with camber and/or which shoulder is closest to the ground and/or which side of the unicycle my dog decides to be on, being the biggest determining factor of which hand is holding the handle. Basically, whichever hand keeps me upright is the hand that holds the handle.

I hold the saddle handle with my prehensile penis.

I’m almost glad I’ve never made it to an International Harper Day to see that.

i wouldn’t ride like that around you operating your FlyMo with a pint in your hand. Risky business, that.

If you have to “ask” then I’m guessing you are having problems doing this.
Holding the saddle front with one hand

A few basics/pre-requisite skills needed:

  1. You must have “advanced” pedal control:
    a.) Independent and precise “down force”
    b.) Independent and precise “back pressure”
    c.) Being able to control/balance with “no hands flailing”
    d.) If this is impossible for you, then you need to keep practicing.

  2. What happens to your unicycle maneuverability when holding hands w/one hand:
    a.) Restricts the ability of your upper body balancing contribution.
    b.) Thus, you must have the skill to apply “early micro-corrections” for balance
    c.) If you get in trouble, and you need more movement “let go” and save it.

  3. What happens to maneuverability if you have “both hands” on saddle or handle:
    a.) Just more restriction.
    b.) May also be “tipping” forwards, so another added variable to make it harder.
    c.) Yes, you guessed it you need “perfect pedal control for lateral balance” no upper body flopping.

  4. Best way to practice to get “better”
    a.) No more hands. However, you still have shoulder/hips/leg/foot working.
    b.) Start with one hand and lay it on your thigh
    c.) Next, the other hand. If you need sudden correction, you can raise it up, pronto.
    d.) If you get better, now try this. Put one hand behind your back and hold back of saddle.
    e.) Yes, grip it finger is locked. This is commitment. Now, other hand.
    f.) CONGRATULATIONS. You can use, either, now.