Which for is your grinding foot?

Hey just wondering which foot you do rails with? I started to with my front foot, but havent done handrails. Is one way easier then the other for them? Anyone have any vids of handrails? thanks

I grind with my back foot…and im one of the very few people I’ve seen do that. Most people grind with their front foot I believe. I don’t grind handrails (yet) but i’ve been told its easier on just your pedal, and not you pedal and crank.
Kevin McMullin is awesome at grinding handrails, and has some cool videos of him doing so in his gallery: http://www.unicyclist.com/gallery/albus80

i use my back foot because i find it easier to use the pedal and the crank instead of my front foot where you would just use your pedal

i use my back foot as well.

i hop with my right foot fowards and do crank/ pedal grabs to the right, so when i started learning to grind i started grinding on the right (pedal foward) but i found that, with weight on both feet, i was grinding mainly on the end of the axel spindle, which meant i was slipping off backwards all the time.

i then started grinding on the left with my foot back, which meant i had something to lean against backwards (my pedal) which just made things so much easier for me, it might work for you as well so try experimenting with both sides.

i havnt done any handrails yet and i dont plan to, unless they are very tiny ones:D its just too risky for my liking.

anyway, good luck witht the grinding


I normally grind on the right side right foot back, but latley i’ve been trying some oppposite and switch foot grinds

for handrails i think it’s best to just grind on the pedal.

It depends on which way you hop. I hop to the left so I grind with my left foot which happens to be back. It seems right now that all of SWAT ginds the way we hop.

I use the opposite foot then my pedal-grabbing foot (go figure).

So that would be the front right foot…

Thanks! I thought i would do it on the left side (backfoot), because thats how i do crank stalls. Cool vids