Which do i choose?

Hi, i´m going tu buy a new unicycle and my options are the orange bud from koxx-one or the KH2007 Trial.
What do you think about?

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A LOt of people will toll you to get the kh 07.

theyre both great unis and youll be pleased with whichever one you get.

i’d say unless you want to get the koxx for any particular reason, get the KH 07

The reason is that now i´m a begginer and the aluminium KH frame i think is fragiler than crome Koxx frame and the weight diference is not much i think

ive only heard of 2 people in the world who have broken their KH frame

it is the second best frame, to the koxx XTP uni frame.

you wont break the KH frame.

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The Koxx unis are awesome but i would recommend getting the '07 KH. its a great uni and you will have trouble breaking it. Also depending where you are may also depend on your choice.

The only bad thing ive heard about the new KH unis is that the flangs bend. That just what ive heard though. Another reason you might go for the koxx is that it looks alot cooler. Many people hate the blue color of the KH but that is totaly preference.

can somebody explain me what is the meaning of flangs because i don´t know the meaning in spanish

ill put up a picture later today cuz im busy now

I doubt you will ever break the KH frame. It will takes years of abuse and fatigue until that frame breaks.

The flanges, are on the hub, the metal disc looking area where the spokes go into.

I dont see how you could really bend one unless you relly mess up on a grind or grabbing onto a pole or something.

Anyways, I would go with the KH 07, I am planning on buying it soon. I havent heard many people who ride the Orange Bud, so I am not to sure how well that one is.

I dont know where I saw that thread about bent KH flanges and i did find itwhen I searched, however, i am posotive that I read it. on one of the last pages of the KH new gear thread Kris said that they decided not to us CrMo steel for the flanges, for what reason I do not know, but you could look it up, but i wouldnt worry about it, and that is one of my best run on senteces ever!

yer ive read that post about the bent flanges too.

They are supposed to deform, They are made from softer metal as to not cut through the spokes.

Both great unis, orange bud will be better for standing on crank tricks and tech grinds, KH will be better for most other things. Orange bud looks way cooler.

Thanks a lot, i think i`m goning to buy the orange bud tomorrow becouse my monty is broken. The only thing that i´m not sure is about the koxx´s saddle

Dont worry about the saddle, ive heard pretty good things about it, and if you break it, get an S Wallis base:p

I would go with the KH because they are reall light and hard to break. I personally dont like the Koxx frame because it sticks out a ways and hits your knee. Also many people will argue with me and no one will ever say that one is definitally better. I like the KH and that is my preference but go with what ever you want.

Oh yeah and althoug i doubt you will break either seat since they are made by the same company the s wallis is really expencive and will not break if you manage to break the other seat.

i am told the kh cranks are stronger than the koxx street cranks but it is really a matter of preference. lots of people have kh’s so the koxx would be something a bit different.

Do you think the koxx´s cranks will broke?
Now i was sure to buy the koxx but if you say the koxx´s cranks are fragiler i have the doub

You won’t break them.

what he said

Yeah you wont break either. The strength is relative and doesnt matter that much its all in the way you land. But i would still go with the KH because it is cheaper and probably lighter. The frame also doesnt stick out as much.