Which brand of Cranks?

I have a Yuni 24" muni and want to put shorter cranks on it. It has a Suzue hub and has 170mm Dotek cotterless cranks(square taper) and I want to try150mm.

Will ANY brand square taper cranks work? Are some better than others? Which ones should I stay away from?

Most will say, “Spend the money and get a Profile or splined hub.” I will probibally go that route eventually, but not right now.

Thx for the info.

Spend the money and get a prof… oh, wait. You already thought of that!

Ok, well, simple answer is that any square taper cranks will fit. In terms of what are the best ones, that depends on what you are planning on doing with them. Ali are lighter than steel, but more expensive. Steel is stronger though.

If you’re only planning on getting them ‘to try them out’ then I’d just get the cheapest set of Steel ones. Unless you plan on giving your hub a realy beating (could be, as you’re alredy thinking of going splined), then they should be more than up to the job.


Amazon.com has Torker LX aluminum cranks in a variety of sizes for around $15 plus shipping. That’s pretty reasonable, and people tell me that the cranks are quite strong (probably significantly stronger than the Suzue hub).

The thing to worry about with square taper hubs is that the more you remove and install them, the more likely you are to begin rounding off the edges, which will then put some slop into the crank/hub interface.

This can be solved by putting paper on the taper.

I call it the paper taper trick.

Served me very well for a few months till I sold the unicycle, then my friend stupidly took the cranks off thinking he was doing something good for it.



any square taper cranks will fit.
(except campy)

Only square taper cranks that don’t have a spider, or have a removeable spider will fit.

Otherwise you have to detach it using a grinder.

If you can get a right hand tandem crank, and a left hand normal crank in a pair, then neither will have a spider.

Any of the cranks you buy from unicycle.com will fit.


Take the wobbling crank off that is worn in.

Put small pieces of paper on the taper part of the hub.

I put on one layer of paper on each side of the taper.

Put crank back on and tighten it.

No more crank wobble for quite a while.