which beginner unicycle??????

Hi all

So my son is learning how to unicycle and is very enthusiastic.
I appreciate quality gear, including beginner gear.
I have spent a bunch of hours researching and could spend a bunch more. So I thought I would check the pulse here. Which would you recommend?

a) Sun flat top extreme deluxe 20"
b) Torker unistar LX 20"
c) Club 20"
d) other

I hear the folks at unicycle.com are great and “Club” is their make.
I have read great reviews of the Torker unistar LX.
Nothing specific on the sun flat top extreme deluxe except that it might be good or comparable to the Torker LX. (Seat grab might have a hole through it which my son definitely does not want.)

Thank you for any thoughts on a great quality unicycle to learn on.

BTW I’ll probably be learning on it too. :slight_smile:

Any thoughts on the Sun flat top extreme deluxe?

I know there are threads out there which discuss the topic of beginner unicycles, BUT there are also new models that companies have come out with since the reviews I have read and if anyone has 2 cents please share them.

Thank you,

This is his first unicycle, correct?

What does he plan to do once he has learned to ride? Does he want to learn tricks, mountain unicycle, or just cruise around the neighborhood?

Those unicycles are all pretty similar. They all have single wall rims and cotterless cranks. The The Torker LX has a 48 spoke wheel, so it may be slightly stronger. All of them will be fine for learning, but not great for jumping off of any height.

All of the unicycles have handles with holes in them. However, it shouldn’t cause any problems, and if you’re worried you can tape the hole shut.

Good luck with your purchase and happy learning!

Yeah, I own a Sun Flat Top 20" deluxe right now, and it’s a great beginner unicycle, but it’s no match if you’re trying to do trials on it, if that’s what your son is planning on doing.

When I first learnt to uni I bought a pretty cheap one off ebay at first, then upgraded to a flat top frame and bought a seat with a handle as my skills increased. I’m not too familiar with the unicycles above but I’d advise making sure your unicycle has both of the above things (even thought most do now) to avoid buying more parts later.

Also incase you’re not familiar with the word “trials” in a uni sense its a style of unicycling which has alot of hopping around off drops, up obstacles and is quite tough on the unicycle.

If your sons been watching extreme unicycling videos and is very determined to ride more extreme stuff and do tricks it may be wise considering a slightly stronger uni with a 19" rim which allows you t jump higher on the unicycle and I’d even go as far as saying it makes it a little easier to learn on due to the chunkier tyre being a little more forgiving.

Good luck with whatever unicycle you buy! - I know I’ve given very generalised advice but If you want to chat more or have anymore questions feel free to message me.

buy a koxx one unicycle off meijer for $200 this is only about $50 more but way way way better. you can read reviews about them they are very good unicycles.

here’s a. link http://www.meijer.com/assets/site/mobile/index.html

Thank you!

It is difficult to decide. More than likely my son will get into trials but it is hard to say since he has just started.
I’m guessing I can’t really go wrong whatever we get.

The LX is much nicer than any Sun I have seen. I don’t know about the Club. Just don’t skimp and get a Torker CX for anyone over 4ft tall.