Which 36er should I buy?

I’ve decided I am going to buy a Coker farily soon. I am all about speeding and cruising. I want a coker that feels pretty good and not jerky, and so I can SPEED!

The Nimbus Nightrider is $850 and the UDC 36" is $475. I’m heading towards the UDC 36 because it is a money saver and I don’t see any problem with it. If I just chucked on a handle for the UDC 36" it may just be as good as the Nimbus, rite? (Excluding the Nightrider tyre)

And another thing, do you “Cokerers” travel to and from towns on your coker instead of using a car?

I got the UDC 36er a few months ago.What got delivered was much better than what is listed on the web site. It was spec’d on the aus website then the same as it is now,this is incorrect.Check the spec on the british udc site because that is correct.The main difference is the rim is alloy nimbus stealth and comes with nightrider tyre.The UDC 36 is basically the same as the nightrider but different frame,no handle,crappier pedals.For me UDC 36 plus $30 dx pedals,home made handlebar and old caliper brake =:):):slight_smile:

Uk pagehttp://www.unicycle.uk.com/shop/shopdisplayproduct.asp?catalogid=807

I would really get 125mm cranks instead of 150s the first time. I did and they are so much better.

nice! it appears that it is the unicycle we know in the us as the nimbus titan! in that case it seems like it would be an exellent choice for you!
i’d go for it, Unisykolist.

UDC 36r is a nice unicycle. I started on one back when it had the steel rim. With the alloy rim now it’s a great uni. I have a purple Nimbus frame now, but mainly because I upgraded to the newer alloy rim and Nightrider tire and decided to just build up a second 36r. I’ve since sold the original UDC 36r but I would probably still have it if it came with the alloy rim to begin with!

Thread resurrection!

Instead of a new topic, this is roughly the same, so here goes.

Unisykolist says that he “[doesn’t] see any problem with [the UDC 36”]". How true is that - or, to rephrase, just how weak or strong is the wheel? Is it the sort of thing that you ride gingerly over rounded curbs, or can it take a semblance of a beating?

The wheel is fine. It has a double walled rim and an extra wide hub. The square taper cranks aren’t as strong as splined, but they’re fine for going up and down curbs. I don’t think you have to baby it at all if you’re riding it in the street or maybe light off-roading.

The downside I see with it is that it doesn’t have attachments for any kind of brake.

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How hard/costly would it be to add that myself, do you know?

I have both the u d c 29 and 32 . I have the b m x brake sold by unicycle.com. On both of them. I must say I have them both adjusted exactly how I want them. I still can not use the disc brakes on my nimble 26er. I want to say the brake cost around $60.

A BMX style brake might work. It would certainly be the easiest way to do it. There is a hole in the frame where you could screw one in.

I guess for a disc brake, you could use a D’Brake. It’s designed to work with a Nimbus disc hub, so you would need one of those as well. And then a wheel build… It would be expensive. Forget it. The bearings for the disc hub won’t fit in the frame. Try a BMX style brake as @Bug72 said.

On the 29er I drilled a hole the 32 came with the brake, I bought them both used. You can’t put a disc brake on the ud c unicycles, the hub is not compatible. Honestly for the type of riding I do, the caliper brake is more than sufficient. Drilling the hole was easy and I have the brake adjusted so it is not sensitive, I can give it a decent pull with out flinging me forward, It slows me.down plenty and gives me lots of control.

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Won’t work if it’s a cotterless hub.

Thanks for the help everyone! I think that, if I ever do move up, I’ll go with the UDC 36 rather than an arguably better uni but smaller wheel (smaller because it’s more money - a couple weeks of busking only brings in so much, ya know? :slight_smile:).

Andrew, did you already mention you are a street performer? What is your act?

I don’t think I did… though I very well might have!
I play violin, and guitar, and sing (and if I had a decent set of bagpipes I’d use those too… nothing like the drone of Scotland the Brave over a misty river at 8:00 in the morning…).

Ooh, I forgot, I’m not the classic guitar/voice busker with a big set of mics, a repertoire of modern music that is all cowboy chords, and a mouth that can’t pronounce the ending of any words to save their life (sorry if this is anyone here…). I go with no mic and sing some nice Simon and Garfunkel :slight_smile: Slight snobbery, but reasonable…

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Cool! I have great admiration for street performers. The few times I was in Europe, it seemed like a more common thing. My wife is a professional violinist. My daughter is a singer and pianist and I accompany both on the piano. During Covid we put on five socially distanced driveway concerts for our neighbors. There was no tip jar.

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Nice! Fiddling or classical?
(We may be slightly off-topic now…)

She’s an orchestral violinist.

Q: What’s the difference between a violin and a fiddle?

A: A violin has four strings, and a fiddle has four strangs.

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Okay, I’m back, this time thinking more seriously about upgrading.
So, I saw Bogdan’s video on the UDC 36 and noticed in the comments that he said the average speeds of his ride with the 29er and 36er were about the same. I also see a lot of people saying that they don’t ride their 36ers that much, because they are hard to maneuver and heavy.
How much of this is true, and how much of it is the superiority one feels when one owns a 36"? :wink:
I’m kind of on a toss-up on what to get. I’m not ready to spend a bunch of money, and so if I did get a 36 it would be the UDC one (and even that would be stretching the budget). Alternatively, I could get something like the UDC 29, save the $250, and plan to upgrade to a slightly better 36" far in the future. Or, finally, I could go with the UDC 32 (though apparently 32 isn’t great, because parts aren’t very readily available?).
Basically, my question is, for rides where I’m going maybe 30 kilometers through slightly congested trails, is the 36 too cumbersome? Or if I’m trying to keep up with bikes, is the 29 just too slow? Does the 32 offer a good balance between the two for both activities, and if so is the lack of parts not too difficult to overcome?
Thanks for any advice! :slight_smile:

I feel equally superior on all of my unicycles, although YMMV.

30km sounds like 36er territory to me, depending on what “slightly congested trails” means.

No unicycle is a viable keep-up-with-bikes machine IMO.

If I were you I would buy whatever is most different from what you currently have. Unicycles are impractical anyway, may as well make it interesting.