"Where's your other wheel?" jokes...

A friend of mine developed a great response to the typical “Where’s your other
wheel?” jokes. When someone says something like “Hey, you’re missing a wheel!”
he looks confused, says “Wha?” then looks down at where his front wheel “ought”
to be, and falls off his uni. “Gee, you’re right,” he says…

Oh, since I’m new to the list, I may as well give myself an introduction. I
graduated from Harvey Mudd College last year - some of you may know that Mudd
has a high proportion of unics (unicyclists). It was a lot more striking Way
Back When, but we still have a fair-sized club for a 600-student school. In my
sophomore year, I purchased an old cotter-crank Cyclepro uni from a friend (who
had bought it from another unic, who had bought it from yet another unic…I
ended up selling it to someone who wanted to learn, who gave it to someone else
who wanted to learn - only two people in this chain never learned to ride…and
at this point, the cotter pins have worn the axle down so far that the best you
can do is about a five-degree wobble in the cranks!). I learned to ride on that
beast, but it was too difficult to ride for day-to-day transportation.

    Since then, I've borrowed people's Schwinns from time to time, and
    ridden those. They are MUCH better, in general. The one exception was
    "Torque Uni", which had no trouble turning right - that was easy - but
    just refused to turn left. It was also relatively hard (and tiring) to
    keep it going straight ahead. I think Torque Uni was the one we found in
    a dorm storage room and claimed as Uni Club Property...

Anyway, later that year, I borrowed a friend’s Schwinn and went along on the
annual Uni Club Foster’s Run (you see, Foster’s is this REALLY GOOD donut shop
about 8 miles west of Mudd on route 66…). That was really fun, besides being
quite an accomplishment. And of course, there were the donuts. Presently, I’m at
Cornell University and trying desperately to locate a 24" Schwinn unicycle. I
have met two unics, one of whom is attempting to build a multiple-speed
unicycle. I don’t think that there are too many more of us here, but I’ve heard
rumors of one guy who created a unicycle “snow tire” so that he could ride
around during the icy Ithaca winters. John Stimson