Where to stay during Unicon

I’ll be travelling to Unicon this summer with my family. I am unfamiliar
with the area and I’m looking for advice on where to stay on a budget
(hopefully $100/day or less).

There will be two adults (me and my wife) and three kids (ages 6, 4, and
almost 2). I promised the kids that we’d stay somewhere with a pool.

Does anyone familiar with the area have some good suggestions?

Also, I’m beginning to wonder how to get my Coker on the plane? How have
those of you who have travelled with big-wheeled unicycles dealt with that?



Re: Where to stay during Unicon

who else is planning on sleeping in their truck, parked in a rest stop or

Re: Where to stay during Unicon

Check out the web site for the events.
There isn’t much in the town of North Bend, but Issaquah has a Holiday Inn and
Motel 6, I’m not sure if they are full yet. Issaquah is where the track events
are, it is about 20 mins from North Bend.
The Snoqualmie Pass is where the MUni events are. The Summit in is located
Again check out the web site.
Have you sent in your registration yet?
Barb K.

I’m going to be staying at home in Bellevue. :slight_smile:

For hotels my first choice would be up at Snoqualmie Pass, second choice would be one of the hotels in Issaquah, and third choice would be the Eastgate area of Bellevue.

Staying up at the pass might sound like it’s out of the way and too far from everything. But it’s right on I-90 and everyone drives fast on I-90 between the pass and North Bend so travel time won’t be too bad. A big plus is that you’ll be able to avoid the rush hour congestion that occurs around Eastgate and Issaquah. During rush hour periods some of the exits in to Issaquah get real backed up and it can take you 10 to 15 minutes just inching forward in the exit lane just to get off the freeway. If you avoid the rush hour period the exits in and out of Issaquah are fine.

And check the http://www.nwcue.org/rooms/default.asp for some additional info on lodging.